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Broker Commission Rebates in Westchester County, NY

Throughout the United States, new practices are coming to the world of real estate. Now, there are guarantor companies, special “free rent” months in luxury communities, and now, broker commission rebates are starting to take center stage. This is particularly… Read More

Helpful real estate due diligence links in New York

When you are buying or selling property, it can feel like a lot is happening all at once. For example, after the purchase contract is signed, within a concise period of time, the deal is finalized. The contract is drafted… Read More

Are Buyer Rebates Legal In Westchester real estate?

The Westchester (NY) real estate market is booming. It’s often said that the most expensive purchase of your life will be your home. And, it’s usually true. Your home will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in most cases, and… Read More

Why Real Estate Brokerages Don’t Hire Employees

NYC real estate agents seem to have extraordinary lives. They choose their hours and which days they want to work. They make all sorts of money on big home sales. Most people don’t realize that brokerages rarely hire NYC real… Read More

Are NYC Broker Commission Rebates Legal?

Broker commission rebates are legal in NYC real estate, and new business models are making it work. The New York state attorney general has encouraged buyer agent commission rebates. His goal is to foster more price competition between real estate… Read More

how to avoid broker fees in NYC real estate?

How to avoid paying broker fees in NYC? That is the question. Looking for a home can be overwhelming, especially for those who are new to NYC. NestApple is here to help explain what “broker’s fee” and “no-fee” listings mean.… Read More