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Are Buyer Rebates Legal In Westchester real estate?

The Westchester (NY) real estate market is booming. It’s often said that the most expensive purchase of your life will be your home. And, it’s usually true. Your home will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in most cases, and… Read More

Public Vs. Private Schools In Westchester

When you became a parent, you made a promise to your child. You promised that you would do anything to help them grow. Therefore you would do anything to give them all the opportunities in the world. That’s why you… Read More

Smart Homes In Westchester

If you’ve ever driven through Westchester County, there will be a couple of things that will stand out to you. One of the most commonly cited things about this county is how frequently homes in the area look old school.… Read More

What to Look for in a Moving Company in New York

Moving is never an easy event. It takes a lot of time, planning, and preparation. It can be stressful and filled with anxiety and nervousness. Emotions can run high leading up to, during, and after the move. You have many… Read More

Westchester Closing Costs

When you’re considering buying properties in a place like Westchester, there is a lot to consider. You’re going to have to think about how close your home is to major amenities like schools, restaurants, or even grocery stores. You also… Read More

Best Ways to Kill Spiders

Arachnophobia is among the most common human fears. Spiders spin their webs any place they dare, including inside your home. There is little worse than waking up to find a spider nearby or coming upon one in a crawl space.… Read More