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How Trees Increase Home Property Value in New York

When you’re selling your home in New York, you have to weigh out the pros and cons of certain repairs and services to get the highest sale price with the lowest investment of time and money. Most homeowners turn to… Read More

What A Landlord Can and Cannot Do in New York

Landlords are known for ruling over their properties with an iron fist, and that’s no joke. We’ve all heard about landlords that get a little too excited about having power. Sometimes, it can turn into a downright horror story worthy… Read More

4 Tips on How to Host Your First Open House Event

Many real estate agents still see hosting an open house as a great opportunity to generate future leads and sell homes. In addition, open houses are more appealing for buyers because the event can take the pressure off them. Unlike… Read More

Documents You Need When Buying A Home Without A Realtor

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The housing market has been swarming with exceptional deals all across the nation. There are many reports and stories of sales completed omitting typical steps of the process. Buyers have bypassed inspections and appraisals to… Read More

2021 NYC Apartment Guarantor Guide

In the New York City real estate world, guarantors are quickly becoming the norm. Most transplants to the Big Apple first learn about them when they realize they don’t have the income requirements ready for an apartment in the area.… Read More

What is the NYC Parking Tax Exemption?

Let’s face it, living in the city of New York, and Manhattan is expensive. Everything you do seems to cost more than almost anywhere else in the country. One of the worst extras that you pay for in Manhattan is… Read More