Receive up to 2% New York real estate buyer’s rebate

Don’t Pay Your Broker but let NestApple Pay You a New York real estate buyer’s rebate

Firstly, let us know if you’re looking to purchase a home since we will help you find properties meeting your criteria. Of course, if you are still looking for your dream pad, then list NestApple as your broker. As a result, sellers’ brokers will contact Nestapple saving you time and energy. Then, once you find “the one,” let us know! From this point in time, let NestApple place an offer for you as our team of licensed brokers will negotiate and manage the process. We pay you a New York real estate buyer’s rebate at closing.

How NestApple Works

Average NestApple Refund: $22,000

Typical Agent Refund: $0

When you work with NestApple, we pay you two-thirds of the buyer agent’s commission (paid by the seller) and keep a minimum of 1%.

We do not get paid unless you close on your home. Therefore, instead of sharing our commission with big brokerage firms, we share it with you via a New York real estate buyer’s rebate.

Get paid by NestApple.

As your buyer agent, NestApple will get paid (by the seller) a typical 3% fee at closing. Therefore, we will pay up to 2% back to you and keep 1% of the fee.
  • Up to 2% of the purchase price saved
  • 100% legal & encouraged by the Attorney General
  • 100% tax-free as not considered taxable income by the IRS
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New York real estate buyer's rebate with NestAppel vs other services

Calculate Your Rebate

$500,000 $5,000,000 Home Value: $1,250,000

NestApple Saves You


Buyer’s Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common Buyer’s questions we receive. Therefore, please click on an individual question to show the answer.

Yes. To begin with, sharing commissions with buyers and tenants is legal. The New York State Department of State has assumed that New York real estate brokers may share their commission with a purchaser, seller, landlord, or tenant. Commission rebates are legal in 40 states, including New York. Indeed, it is legal for an agent to offer and for a buyer or tenant to accept a commission rebate in conjunction with the purchase or rental of residential real estate. For reference, in 2015, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued an open letter confirming that real estate agents may rebate a portion of their commissions to clients and urged them to take advantage of rebates to increase price competition and benefit consumers.

2. What is the commission structure in NY for Real Estate deals?

For reference, NYC’s typical real estate commission is 6% of the property’s sale price. However, on some listings, the commission could be 5% if the seller negotiates a lower rate with his listing broker. In other words, buyers do not pay commissions or fees to their brokers. Then, the brokers split the commission: 3% for each side.

3. Is NestApple a licensed real estate broker?

Absolutely. NestApple operates as a licensed real estate broker and offers a full-service experience. As a result, NestApple clients receive the same top-tier professional service. In short, we work together from the moment you identify a property you like (including pricing analysis, bidding advice, expert negotiation, and so forth) and stay with you until the closing table.

4. Why does NestApple offer rebates?

Firstly, technology and the internet have greatly diminished the role of full-service real estate agents by making it easy to search for homes. Therefore, NestApple was created to believe buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords can take advantage of that to have a better experience and save money when buying and selling real estate. As a result, we give commission rebates to buyers and tenants to encourage greater competition through lower transaction costs.

5. Doesn’t the seller pay the fees?

Yes. However, the broker fee is included in the asking price.

6. What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! You get paid by NrestApple to buy a house. Despite the explosion of real estate prices, this “6%” fee has not been affected by the growth of mobile technology and the internet over the past 20 years.

7. Where does my cash back rebate come from?

The┬áseller has agreed to pay a 6% commission for listing the apartment with a broker. That is established in the listing agreement in NYC, which is customary in NYC. However, if you place an offer on your own (without a broker), the 6% commission goes entirely to the seller’s Agent, who will earn the complete 6%.

8. Will the seller be upset if he finds out about the rebate?

No. The seller has agreed in writing to pay the listing Agent 5 to 6% of the purchase price, regardless of the commission split. In other words, your deal with Nestapple does not affect the listing Agent’s commission.