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Receive cash back when you buy, rent or sell a home in New York & Connecticut.

Get the real estate broker commission that realtors usually keep for themselves →

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Within minutes, we place an offer on a house, apartment, condo and coop anywhere in New York & Connecticut. We are always ready whenever you need us


Our experienced and dedicated team of real estate brokers if available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You won't miss and opportunity


No hidden fees, no catch: NestApple does not get paid if you do not buy a home and go all the way to closing. Our incentive is to have you close and we want clients to save as much as possible to get paid ourselves


Safe & confidential platform for home buyers, sellers or renters of real estate in New York and Connecticut


Refer your friends to get extra perks. We get most deals by referrals from happy clients and word of mouth

Socially Responsable

On every deal we donate to local charity of the client's choice. By default we will give to the South Bronx Educational foundation

Up to 2% cash back rebate for real estate buyers

Jeremy G., Trader

“Nicole and her team got me $11,000 back on my West Chelsea one bedroom apartment. I spent that real estate rebate to renovate. NestApple is the best kept secret in town and the buyer rebate they give back is the highest in town. Nicole was phenomenal in negotiating this apartment deal and getting me across the finish line”

Find your dream home, let us take care of the rest.

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Full service

  • Understand and discuss your real estate goals
  • Identify appropriate apartments through our database
  • Schedule and/or accompany you to viewings
  • Run pricing analysis and run comps
  • Define a bidding strategy and negotiate the best deal
  • Assist with board package
  • Refer you to vetted mortgage bankers and attorneys

How can we afford this rebate

  • 2.5% to 3% commissions are too high.With improvements in listings availability, better technology and growing real estate prices, we think this payout is excessive for real estate agents and real estate brokers
  • We Focus on technology and transactions, not marketing our rebate drives buyers to NestApple, allowing us to spend more time closing deals and less time and money in advertising
  • Our costs are lower no fancy offices, glossy catalogues or postcards mailings. The client is at the center of the deal