Receive Cash Back
When You Buy, Rent Or Sell
A Home In New York & Connecticut.

The best way to buy & sell via New York Real Estate Broker Commission Rebate

The average NestApple New York Real Estate Commission Rebate is $22,000. Check out how much you can save by using NestApple to get the real estate broker commission that realtors usually keep for themselves.
$500,000 $5,000,000 Home Value:  $1,250,000

You save up to $25,000 by using NestApple as your real estate broker.

Traditional Broker

$0 Traditional real estate brokers keep the commissions for themselves.

NestApple Real Estate Broker

$25,000NestApple gives you up to 2% as a cash back rebate.
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What Everyone Else Is Saying About NestApple

Buyers Benefits

The Best Way To Buy
When you work with NestApple, we pay you two-thirds of the buyer agent’s commission (paid by the seller) and keep a minimum of 1%.Therefore, we do not get paid unless you close on your home. Instead of sharing our commission with big brokerage firms, we share it with you.Get My Rebate!
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Sellers Benefits

The Best Way To Sell
Sell With A Full-Service Agent For As Little As 1%. Therefore, identical service to what you’d expect if you paid 6%. However, the only difference is the price.Sell My Property

Renters Benefits

Get Paid By Your Broker
Are you looking to rent an apartment in NYC? You can save thousands of dollars off your broker’s commission by only requesting a New York rental broker fee rebate through NestApple.Get My Rebate!
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How Does Buying With NestApple Work?

  • 1
    Let us know what you’re looking for. Then we will send you alerts with listings that match your criteria.From here, explore listings and open houses and list NestApple as your broker.Therefore sellers’ brokers will contact us, saving you time and energy. Finally, once you find “the one,” let us know!
  • 2
    Find Your Home
    Once you find your dream home, we run some data. We will do a comparative analysis utilizing our proprietary technology to arrive at true value.Data provides a foundation for making an educated decision. Therefore, together we will agree on the value of the property and make an offer.
  • 3
    Our data allows us to be powerful negotiators. Also, we will strategize and optimize your best chances of getting the deal done.We make introductions at this time, i.e., mortgage brokers, inspectors, and lawyers.
  • 4
    Offer Accepted
    Now, we hand it over to the attorneys to conduct due diligence. After that, the contract is signed, and the board package compilation begins.We take care of this completely, as this is our specialty. You are almost at the finish line.
  • 5
    We guide you all the way to closing and share two-thirds of our commission with you!As your buyer agent, NestApple will get paid (by the seller) a typical 3% fee at closing and will pay up to 2% back to you as your New York real estate broker commission rebate. As a result, we keep 1%.
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What Our Customers Have To Say About NestApple

NestApple Buy & Sell Via New York Real Estate Rebate Customer Jeff Chan

“We like to do our own research on StreetEasy and go to open houses in our own free time without any pressure from brokers. Then, found Nestapple by accident, and after reading up about the company, we felt this is a great idea. The biggest question for us was, “can this company be trusted with 2/3 return”? Is it too good to be true?

Well, Nicole put her picture in front of Facebook and other places. If Anyone is trying to do something illegal, who in their right mind would put their face in front of all the marketing materials. In conclusion, having Nicole negotiate for us is also a big bonus since she’ll interact with the seller’s agent and return to us. This way, we have time to prepare for the response and next step. Nestapple is the real deal, and if you don’t use them, it’s really your loss.”

Jeff Chan
NestApple Rebate Customer Jeremy

Look no further than NestApple if you need real estate services in the NY area. My experience with Georges and Nicole was extraordinary—they are professional, and knowledgeable and get you from listing to closing smoothly and efficiently!! The “rebate back” is real—they will work 24/7 to get your deal done, while charging less than all the other brokers. It’s not a gimmick! On my recent sale, I received great service at a great price. Thank you NestApple!

NestApple Rebate Customer Lucila & Gary

“NestApple was phenomenal in negotiating our apartment deal and getting us across the finish line. Besides landing in a place, we love we also got a very sizable check from NestApple at closing, which certainly helped furnish our new home! We highly recommend their team to do the same for you. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you, Nicole and Georges, for helping turn our dream into a reality.”

Lucila & Gary