Sell With A Full-Service Agent For As Little As 1%

Identical to what you’d expect if you paid 6%: the only difference is the price. Receive NYC’s best brokers and full-service listing option for as low as 1%.

Why Pay 6%?

Get NYC’s best brokers and full-service listing option for as low as 1%!

Photography and Floor Plans

Professional pricing and comparative market analysis

Listing on RLS, StreetEasy, and a dozen websites

Professional open houses and private showings

Negotiation and professional advice

Board package application and closing assistance

NestApple Gives Your Home That 6% Treatment But Only Charges As Low As 1%

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Become a Savvy Seller

The standard commission charged for selling is 6% of the purchase price, and savvy sellers can typically negotiate commissions to 5%.We represent the savviest of the savvy: those who understand there is a more innovative way to sell. Our 1% is based on how “sellable” your home is and how realistic you are about the sale price.

Increase Your Buyers’ Pool

While we reduce our side of the commission, we always offer 2.5% or 3% to buy-side brokers to maximize your potential buyers’ pool.There are certain cost inefficiencies in the way other NYC brokerage firms operate. With our flexible structure and low overhead, we streamline the process, saving thousands of dollars on each deal.
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NestApple Does All This For You… And A Lot More!

Comprehensive Brokerage Services Including:
  • Bids We ensure that all bids are submitted professionally with all information necessary to make an informed decision
  • Negotiation We negotiate on your behalf to get you the highest possible sale price and the most favorable terms
  • Board Packages We facilitate the buyer’s timely submission of all paperwork before closing and ensure that board packages are prepared in a professional manner
  • Closing We join you at the closing table to walk you through the process
  • Marketing Materials Our designers create high-quality marketing materials
  • Research We negotiate on your behalf to get you the highest possible sale price and the most favorable terms
  • Listing Publicity We prepare a professional listing and publish it both on the REBNY Listing Service to reach brokers and on consumer listing platforms
  • Showings We host open houses and facilitate private showings
  • Apartment Assessment We meet with you at your home, suggest ways to enhance its appeal, and ask questions
  • Detailed Written Proposal We learn everything there is to know about your building to anticipate questions from buyers
  • Home Preparation We facilitate the buyer’s timely submission of all paperwork before closing and ensure that board packages are prepared in a professional manner
  • Floor Plans Our photographers will capture your home from the best angles and light. We can also have a new floorplan drawn up if needed

Seller’s Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common Seller’s questions we receive. Please click on an individual question to show the answer.
1. How does NestApple save me money when selling?

NestApple is a full-service brokerage that uses technology to lower transacting costs. We charge a 1% to 1.5% listing fee – significantly less than a traditional brokerage. In addition to the listing fee, we recommend our sellers offer an additional 2.5% to the buyer’s agent to engage the agent community and its buyers.

2. Is NestApple a Licensed Real Estate Broker?

NestApple is a licensed real estate broker and a full-service experience. Clients receive the same top-tier professional service.

3. How will my listing be marketed?

NestApple plugs into the same listing distribution system as other brokers (the REBNY Listing Service or RLS), so your listing will be on all the big sites – Streeteasy, Zillow, Trulia, the New York Times, and more. The RLS also advertises the co-broke to buyers’ brokers so they can focus on getting their clients into the listing.

4. What selling services does NestApple provide?

Everything. There are no additional fees or asterisks when you sell with NestApple. The 1-1.5% listing fee includes professional photos and marketing materials, comprehensive listing distribution, unlimited open houses, private showings, and a dedicated, experienced agent throughout the transaction.

5. How does NestApple offer such competitive pricing?

Technology and the internet have greatly diminished the role of full-service real estate agents by making it easy to search for homes. NestApple was created in the belief that buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords can take advantage of that to have a better experience and save money when buying and selling real estate. We give commission rebates to buyers and tenants to encourage greater competition through lower transaction costs.

6. How Much Will I Pay As A Seller?

NestApple will list your property for as low as 1%. Traditional brokers do it for 6%.

7. What about the Buyers broker commission?

NestApple will list for as low as 1%. If a Buyer comes represented, we recommend offering market rates, usually 2.5%. Even if the buyer has a broker, the “standard 6%” is significantly reduced to 3.5%.

8. How do I list my property with NestApple?

You can contact us and request an evaluation of your property. We will set up a convenient time and schedule a visit to see the property. There is no obligation, no contract signed.

9. How does NestApple take pictures of my home?

We will schedule a visit with a professional Real Estate photographer to visit your property. We will optimize your furniture, accessorize if needed, and guarantee outstanding pictures. At NestApple, we believe potential buyers get a first look when reviewing the listing online: pictures make a big difference. We guarantee perfect photos every time, which is included in our costs as professional photographs won’t cost you a dime.

10. How does NestApple determine the price of my property?

NestApple has experts that will do a comparative and comprehensive analysis of similar properties in the area. We will do a thorough walkthrough of your home and discuss your personal needs and objectives. We will support our numbers with data, past closings, available listings on the market, and current market trends. NestApple will suggest a number, and we will discuss and agree on the right asking price.

11. How does my listing get advertised?

The vast majority of buyers search for properties online. As REBNY members, we have access to hundreds of websites. We target direct buyers and brokers, optimizing the number of people who view your listing.

12. Who will show my property? Will you hold OPEN HOUSES?

NestApple has a team of brokers and agents that will work with you closely during the entire process. We will determine a schedule for showings according to your availability and family needs. A member of our team will hold every visit. We will also host Open Houses to maximize exposure and make ourselves available for private showings.

13. How is an offer negotiated?

Once an interested buyer presents an offer, we will discuss it. Our team at NestApple will evaluate not only the offer price but the buyer as a whole, ensuring we bring you a competent and willing buyer. Our team will negotiate on your behalf and fight for the best possible price. You, as the Seller, have the final word on everything.