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Estimated Closing Costs Calculators

Mortgage Amount
Estimated NYC Closing Costs (buyer)
Fee Amount
Mansion Tax $0
Title Insurance – Owner’s Policy Premium $0
Buyer’s Attorney Fee $3,000
Move-In Deposit $0
Title Search – Other Charges $0
Board Application Fees $0
Move-In Fee $0
Title Search – Endorsement $0
Deed Recording Fees $0
Lien Search Fee $0
Credit Report $100
Financing & Mortgage Costs
Fee Amount
Mortgage Recording Tax $0
Title Insurance – Mortgage Policy Premium $0
Bank’s Attorney Fee $0
Loan Application Fee $0
Appraisal Fee $0
Mortgage Recording Fee $0
Recognition Agreement Fee $0
UCC-1 Filing Fee $0
New Construction Related Costs
Type Amount
NYC and NY State Transfer Tax $0
Sponsor’s Attorney Fee $3,000
Total Closing Costs
Total Seller Closing Costs: Net Sale Proceeds:
Estimated NYC Closing Costs (seller)
Fee Amount
NYC Broker Commission $0
Building Flip Tax $0
NYC and State Transfer Tax $0
Seller’s Attorney Fee $3,000
Move-Out Deposit $1,000
Move-Out Fee $500
Managing Agent Fee $500
Bank Loan Satisfaction Fee $0
Residential Deed Transfer Fee $125
ACRIS Filing Fee $50
Coop Attorney Fee $0
UCC-3 Termination Fee $0
Non-Deed Transfer Fee $0
Coop Stock Transfer Tax $0


We came up with these definitions to go over every single cost outlined in these NYC Closing Costs Calculators. We hope you will find it useful NYC Mansion Tax

The NYC Mansion Tax is a progressive buyer closing cost on sales of $1 million or more. In fact, it depends on the purchase price and therefore ranges from 1% to 3.9% of the purchase price. In fact, there are a total of eight brackets. For instance, the lowest is 1% and applies to deals between $1 million and $2 million. At the top, the highest Mansion Tax rate bracket of 3.9% applies to purchases of residential property over $25 million. Before 2019, this mansion tax was a fixed 1% rate for all deals over $1 million.

NYC Buyer’s Attorney Fees

The average real estate attorney fee for a purchase transaction in NYC is around $3,000. In fact, the flat fee rates will vary based on the complexity of the deal. For instance, legal fees can be as high as $5,000 for a more complicated deal and new developments. Buyers pay real estate attorney fees at closing, but some lawyers may negotiate for a half to be paid upfront and a half at closing. If you are buying a sponsor unit or new construction, the buyer usually covers the seller’s attorney fees (in addition to the Transfer Taxes). This is the reverse of a traditional private resale where sellers pay the Transfer Taxes and cover their attorney fees.

NYC Move-In Deposit & Fees

Most buildings charge buyers a (refundable) move-in deposit as well as a non-refundable move-in fee. In fact, these fees are non-negotiable since they are contractually based on the underlying management agreement in place.

NYC Board Application Fees

Most buildings in NYC charge buyers a non-refundable board application fee. In fact, the fee is collected upon submission of the board application along with move-in fees & deposits (from the buyer) and move-out fees & deposits (from the seller). Lastly, this fee is non-refundable: in other words, the buyer won’t receive this money back if rejected by the co-op board.

NYC Mortgage Recording Tax

This tax is paid by the buyer: 1.8% for loans under $500k and 1.925% for a mortgage over $500k, based on the amount of mortgage financing the purchase. However, the amount of the Mortgage can be reduced by negotiating a Purchase CEMA (“Consolidation, Extension, and Modification Agreement”) with the seller.

NYC Mortgage-Related Fees

The mortgage application or origination fee in NYC varies from $500 to $1,000. Sometimes. some banks waive this fee as a favor for their premium clients. Besides, the average appraisal fee is ~$750 but can go up to $1,250 for higher price properties. Banks always hire a 3rd party appraiser. On top of that. buyers also pay for a Mortgage Recording Fee of about $200.

NYC Broker Commission

The standard real estate agent commission in NYC is around 6% of the sale price. Sometimes, sellers negotiate it down to 5%. The main reason why commissions remain elevated in NYC is that most buyers work with a buyer’s agent. As a result, the typical 5% to 6% commission paid by the seller is split equally between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. Sellers do not offer less than 2.5% to 3% to a buyer’s agent because it impacts the marketing of the listing. Concretely, sellers in NYC sign an exclusive listing agreement, which stipulates a fixed commission percentage paid at closing. For unrepresented buyers, the total commission is received by the listing agent instead of being split with a buyer’s agent. As a result, buyers are encouraged to work with buyer agents because people perceived to be free since sellers are paying a fixed total commission for broker fees.

NYC Transfer Tax

The NYC Transfer Tax is a seller closing cost of 1% for sales under $500k and 1.425% for deals over $500k. On top of the NYC Transfer Tax, sellers in NYC also have to pay the New York State Transfer Taxes.

NY State Transfer Tax

The New York State Transfer Tax represents 0.4% for sales under $3 million and 0.65% for deals over $3 million. The higher rate of 0.65% starts over $2 million for commercial transactions (and residential properties with four or more units).

NYC Seller’s Attorney Fee

The average real estate lawyer’s fee for a sale transaction in NYC is $3,000. The flat fee rates will vary based on the complexity of your real estate deal. Lawyer fees can go as high as $5,000 for a more complicated transaction and new developments. Buyers typically pay for real estate attorney fees at closing. However, some lawyers may negotiate for half paid upfront, with the half at closing.

NYC Move-Out Deposit & Fees

Most buildings in NYC charge sellers a refundable move-out deposit in addition to a non-refundable move-out fee. However, Iif the unit is vacant, the seller may request an exception and ask these fees to be waived.

NYC Managing Agent Fee

This closing fee is a payment for the management company for the closing. In fact, this fee is generally upon submission of the application package.

NYC Bank Loan Satisfaction Fees

Most banks charge sellers this small closing cost as a fixed amount when paying off the mortgage mortgage balance with the net proceeds of the sale.

NYC Residential Deed Transfer Fee & ACRIS Filing Fees

These small seller fees cover the costs associated with physically recording the sale in public records.

Disclaimer: NestApple’s NYC Closing Costs Calculators are estimates. They are meant to be used for reference purposes only. Exact closing costs in New York City will vary per transaction. Always consult the closing statement your real estate attorney will provide you for your transaction exact closing costs. NestApple clients cannot rely solely on those NYC Closing Costs Calculators as every transaction is different. NestApple and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. All parties should consult their own tax, legal and accounting advisers before engaging in any transaction. NestApple is a licensed real estate broker and professional service providers.
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