Our Story of paying NestApple NYC commission rebate

Nicole created NestApple on the concept that technology reduced the role of real estate brokerage firms. As a matter of fact, NestApple makes it easy to search for homes. Indeed, home buyers and sellers became outraged by the high fees that traditional firms charge. Our firm became an efficient platform paying millions of dollars in buyer's broker commission rebate NYC. Therefore, it helps clients from placing the bid to dealing with the paperwork until paying a NestApple NYC commission rebate.

We represent buyers, sellers, and tenants and charge 1% instead of the regular 3% while providing the same level of service. During our own search for real estate, we stumbled upon the concept of “commission rebates”. Those are legal in 40 of the 50 States. In fact, NYC commission rebates have been publicly encouraged by New York’s A.G.

Lastly, we also in the corporate responsibility of entrepreneurs. Businesses should play a role in social innovation and engage the local community. Therefore we make a donation to a local charity every time a deal closes.

Nicole Fishman Benoliel Founder of NestApple - NestApple NYC cashback rebate

Nicole Fishman Benoliel

Nicole held various positions at law firms in New York, Spain, and Costa Rica and also worked with non-for-profits and intergovernmental organizations.

Miss Fishman is a lawyer in both New York and Costa Rica as well as a licensed real estate broker and holds masters from IE Business School in Madrid and Fordham Law School.

Georges Benoliel Founder of NestApple - NestApple NYC cashback rebate

Georges Benoliel

Georges is the Co-Founder of NestApple and has been working in Wall Street for the last 20 years trading derivatives and mortgages with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade.

Mr. Benoliel graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a Master's in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

Michelle Ferrier - Real Estate Salesperson - NestApple NYC cashback rebate

Michelle Ferrier

Michelle has been working in Business Development and Communications with entrepreneurs for the past 20 years. Dependable and result-oriented, she likes to bring tailored solutions to specific needs. Mrs. Ferrier moved from Manhattan to Westchester with her husband and two children in 2015. She is a licensed real estate salesperson.

Gia Ann - Real Estate Salesperson

Gia Ann Curatola

Gia is a native New Yorker who brings her local knowledge and enthusiasm to our team. Mrs Curatola spends her time between Manhattan and East Hampton and is well informed in both markets. Prior to joining Nestapple, Gia graduated from Barnard College Cum Laude with Departmental Distinction and Brooklyn Law School. She was admitted to practice law in New York in 2012. Gia prioritizes clients and relationships, and, in combination with her tremendous work ethic, legal background, and attention to detail, she is uniquely well suited to meet your real estate needs. Gia currently resides on the Upper East Side with her husband and her son.

Cristina Casamatta - Real Estate Salesperson -

Cristina Casamatta

Cristina loves New York and was drawn into the real estate industry after purchasing her property. She joined NestApple to close deals and save money for clients. Prior to NestApple, Cristina worked for 10 years in the financial services in business management. As an engineer by training, she crunches numbers and finds creative ways to connect to people. Above all, guiding her clients through their home journey is her ultimate reward. Cristina is Venezuelan, speaks Spanish and some French.

Map of USA and NestApple - NestApple NYC cashback rebate

We Operate In 40 States

where commission rebates are legal including Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, and Colorado.

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