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Featuring real estate articles and information to help real estate buyers and sellers. The Nest features writings from Georges Benoliel and other real estate professionals. Georges is the Co-Founder of NestApple and has been working as an active real estate investor for over a decade.

Do Smaller NYC Condo Buildings Pay Lower Property Taxes?

Is it true that smaller condo buildings pay lower taxes? An interesting aspect of New York City’s current property tax system is that homeowners in condo and co-op buildings with ten or fewer units pay lower property taxes than unit… Read More

The borrowed abode: decorating with found and upcycled treasures

Repurposing discarded items with something of higher value adds an element of character and charm to an otherwise dull living space. It creates a home that reflects the owner’s values and personality in an era where sustainability rules; decorating your… Read More

Showering with Filtered Water: What Are the Benefits?

Showering is a time to relax and refresh in our busy lives. But the water we use can have hidden challenges. Many don’t know that unfiltered water contains elements that can affect our cleanliness and overall well-being. As we discuss… Read More

c: Why Choose a Waterfront Dream Home

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of waves lapping against the shore, the sun rising over a serene body of water, and the fresh, crisp air filling your lungs. This is the daily reality for those living in a… Read More

The Pros And Cons Of Online Rent Collection

Did you know that 27% of Americans are so stressed they feel like they can’t function? Being a landlord is stressful and adds to the worries you have from day to day. If you’re an aspiring or existing landlord, you… Read More

Building Wealth through Rental Properties: A Guide

Investing in rental properties is one of the most proven ways to build wealth from real estate. However, it can seem challenging, especially for those new to real estate investing. Fortunately, with the proper knowledge and strategy, anyone can succeed… Read More