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Gardeners, Maids, Cooks, Handyman, Petcare : Best websites

Houses are a lot like cars. Even if you take care of them obsessively, they will eventually need repairs. When a house needs a repair or an upgrade, it’s often hard to find the right help. Word of mouth tends… Read More

What is a Right of First Refusal in New York City?

What is a right of first refusal (ROFR) for condo boards in New York City? Read on, and we’ll let you know all about it. And how it can affect you if you buy a home in the city. In… Read More

What The Miami Condo Collapse Should Teach Condo Owners

On June 24, 2021, a massive tragedy happened. A Surfside, Miami high-rise condominium tower partially collapsed. Strangely, the building was almost entirely leveled. Men, women, and children were under the rubbles. Search efforts continued for well over a week before… Read More

Title Insurance NYC – Guide for Buyers in 2021

Ordering a title search and purchasing title insurance is an integral part of buying a condo, a co-op, and a townhouse in New York City. These can protect you from potential problems that you may be responsible for if left… Read More

The Complete Guide to Buying a Townhouse in NYC – 2021

In most cases, when prospective homebuyers are looking to buy property in New York City, it’s usually a co-op or condo apartment. However, some buyers are also looking at townhomes for sale, just as they purchased a house in the… Read More

Best 2021 Tips for First-Time Buyer in NYC

The moment has arrived, and you’ve decided to put your days of renting in the past! No more canceled rent checks. No more lectures from your parents to get your act together, and no mrore FOMO watching your friends buy… Read More