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Featuring real estate articles and information to help real estate buyers and sellers. The Nest features writings from Georges Benoliel and other real estate professionals. Georges is the Co-Founder of NestApple and has been working as an active real estate investor for over a decade.

The Best Places For Culture Lovers In Westchester

If you work or live in New York City, you already know that culture is one of the biggest draws to this area. Within the confines of the New York City area, you can find some of the world’s most… Read More

How to Deliver an Offer To The Seller in NYC?

When trying to buy a home, you must put together a massive packet that acts as a purchase offer. It’s a hefty bit of paperwork, but in most cases, buyers don’t deliver the package to the seller. Or rather, you… Read More

NYC 421a Tax Abatements

The world of New York City real estate tax would make an average person’s head spin. Tax laws, in general, are going to be rough to handle. Therefore, the city’s taxes are one of the main reasons people avoid living… Read More

7 Questions To Ask Your Potential HOA

Whether it is a condo, a co-op, or an actual house owner’s association, it’s essential to realize how much your HOA will matter in your day-to-day life. An HOA is there to ensure property values don’t go down. In the… Read More

5 Things To Consider Before Renting Your Condo

One of the most common issues that New York condo owners face is whether they should rent out their property. Whether using an Airbnb or going through the process of renting out your entire condo for a yearly lease doesn’t matter,… Read More

What Are Co-Ops Allowed To Reject Applicants For?

Co-ops are notoriously picky with their clients and renters. To a point, getting accepted into a co-op in New York City is a significant status symbol. Even celebrities have been turned away from membership in these exclusive elite circles. Also, … Read More