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Best New Constructions in NYC for 2020-2021

Many people dream of living in NYC. For some, it becomes a reality. Every year, there’s no shortage of supply. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, modern new constructions keep popping up on New York’s skyline. Therefore, the NestApple team has gathered… Read More

What is a NY Disclosure Form?

In the real estate world, we talk about the real estate NY Disclosure Form, also known as New York State Disclosure Form for Buyer and Seller. This document is an agency disclosure form that brokers and agents must give to… Read More

Can I get around the “Wet Over Dry Rule” in NYC?

The wet-over-dry rule in NYC prevents apartment owners from putting wet spaces (bathrooms & kitchens) over dry areas such as living rooms on floors below. The rule prevents water damage and mitigates risks when leaks do occur. The wet over… Read More

Is title insurance required for Coops in NYC?

New York co-op apartment purchasers generally do not pay for co-op title insurance. Usually, it’s not a required closing cost. Besides, a co-op lien search already grants buyers $50,000 in coverage against any liens missed during the due diligence. So… Read More

What is a lead based paint disclosure form in NYC?

In NYC, Sellers and landlords of homes built before 1978 are required to notify tenants and buyers of the risk of lead-based paint. Lead-based paint is of particular danger to young children. This may produce permanent neurological damage, which ranges… Read More

How to get a home next to these top public elementary schools in NYC

If you are considering starting a family in New York City, your children’s education might represent one of your first worries. Hence, here are the top public elementary schools in NYC and how you can live right next to them.… Read More