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Featuring real estate articles and information to help real estate buyers and sellers. The Nest features writings from Georges Benoliel and other real estate professionals. Georges is the Co-Founder of NestApple and has been working as an active real estate investor for over a decade.

Exterior Maintenance Tips for Homeowners: 5 Tips to Do It Right

Being a homeowner comes with a great deal of responsibility. You can’t simply move into your newly-purchased house and never do any upkeep again. There are plenty of things, both on the interior and the exterior, that need regular maintenance.… Read More

6 Inexpensive Ways To Weatherproof Your Home

Living in a weatherproof home is a dream come true for many people. But only a small group of homeowners manages to make it happen. Financial limitations usually stand between property owners and bring this dream to fruition. However, what… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Asbestos in NYC Apartments

Asbestos has a long history in building materials and products throughout New York. It took some time before people realized that asbestos is a health hazard and that long-term exposure can cause mesothelioma cancer or asbestosis – a chronic lung… Read More

Rework Your Apartment to Make It Unique and Special

Think about your typical well-decorated apartment. You likely imagine some family photos on hanging shelves, a few houseplants — maybe even a lovely piece of art on the wall. It creates the perfect balance of homey and stylish. But at… Read More

5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home

You cannot overestimate the importance of keeping the air quality at your home at a decent level. The way you care about the world around you by making environmentally-friendly decisions and purchases should also apply to the environment of your… Read More

Buying an Apartment in a Mixed Use Building

Buying an apartment—any apartment—in New York City can be daunting. It can be rough even if your apartment is in a complex filled with friendly neighbors. It gets even more intimidating when you want to buy an apartment in a… Read More