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What Is Conditional Coop Approval In NYC?

Well, you’ve done it. After you hunted for a fantastic co-op in New York City, put together an application, and got your finances in order, you got approved. Well, kind of. According to the paperwork and the news your excited… Read More

Should You Buy an Apartment in a Smaller Boutique Building in NYC?

There’s something oh, so glamorous about buying an apartment in one of the bigger buildings in New York City. Bigger buildings have more people, fewer group costs, and a lot more high-rises to choose from. Though most people like to… Read More

Co-op Square Footage in NYC

New York City has a strong sense of co-op culture. It’s a culture that naturally came about as a part of having this type of living situation for well over 100 years. One of the most significant parts of life… Read More

How to Reduce Your DTI Ratio When Buying a NYC Co-op

New York City has an incredible array of different living situations, one of the most popular are Co-ops. Co-ops are in vogue among the ultra-rich in the Big Apple, to the point that some became status symbols. Unsurprisingly, co-ops are… Read More

What Is the Average Down Payment for an Apartment in NYC?

Buying an apartment in New York City is a slice of the American dream. It’s getting the apartment life you want in one of the greatest cities in the world. Saying that owning an apartment in New York City is… Read More

What Is an Open Listing in Real Estate?

Real estate never ceases to amaze people when it comes to the sheer number of different terms they have as part of the regular day-to-day occurrences. One of the more common terms you might hear is an “open listing” agreement… Read More