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Should You Buy an Apartment in a Smaller Boutique Building in NYC?

There’s something oh, so glamorous about buying an apartment in one of the bigger buildings in New York City. Bigger buildings have more people, fewer group costs, and a lot more high-rises to choose from. Though most people like to… Read More

Should You Add a COVID-19 Clause to a Real Estate Contract?

When the world saw COVID-19 first take hold in China, no one ever expected life to change so drastically. 2020 marked one of the most uniquely terrible years in world history. The pandemic shut down the majority of businesses. It… Read More

12 Creative Ways to Renovate a NYC Rental

Renting an apartment in NYC has a lot of perks. Renting offers flexibility, cost savings, and a low-maintenance lifestyle compared to buying a home. However, there’s one significant drawback to renting vs. buying. It’s tough to personalize a rental. To… Read More

NYC security deposit law

NYC security deposit law remains part of renting an apartment in NYC. Luckily for tenants, New York State laws have changed in recent years, offering them more rights and protections. What is a security deposit? A security deposit is a… Read More

What is a NY Disclosure Form?

In the real estate world, we talk about the real estate NY Disclosure Form, also known as New York State Disclosure Form for Buyer and Seller. This document is an agency disclosure form that brokers and agents must give to… Read More

What Is the REBNY COVID-19 Health Questionnaire Screening Form?

The REBNY COVID-19 Health Questionnaire Screening Form was a move from the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) to help promote the safety of all participants during a showing. During four months, of the New York City real estate… Read More