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What is the REBNY Financial Statement in NYC?

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Does the listing agent ask you to submit a REBNY Financial Statement in NYC with your offer to buy an apartment? It only used to be provided for co-ops in NYC. However, this financial disclosure form became a document accompanying all offers for properties listed in the Real Estate Board of New York’s RLS.  Here is a REBNY-Financial-Statement-Excel-Template. It allows you to easily complete your REBNY Financial Statement and that we use in every offer we place. In this blog post, we will answer those questions:

  1. Is a REBNY financial form required?
  2. Why do I need to fill it out?
  3. What does this REBNY financial form include?
  4. When should I fill out the REBNY Financial Statement?
  5. What if I don’t want to fill it out?

Buildings in NYC - real estateThe REBNY Statement is almost always required when submitting an offer on a co-op apartment in NYC. The REBNY Statement is a high-level summary of your assets, liabilities, income, and projected expenses. This allows the listing agent and seller to ascertain whether you meet the co-op’s financial requirements. These financial requirements usually consist of the debt-to-income ratio and post-closing liquidity.

Click here to download our REBNY 2018 template

Is a REBNY Financial Statement required in NYC?

REBNY Financial Statement in NYCTechnically, New York State law does not require a REBNY statement with an offer. However, it has become the standard. All offers submitted to a listing agent (with or without a REBNY form) are required to get forwarded to the seller. Then, if you want the seller to take your offer seriously, the answer is that yes, you should include a REBNY statement.

Co-op board rejections frequently happen in NYC. The last thing you want is for the denial to result from the buyer not passing all of the board’s financial requirements. Therefore, as a buyer, you should complete the REBNY Statement, even if you feel that it’s somewhat invasive.

In general, co-op sponsor units, condos, and new construction, you will not request the buyer to include a REBNY Statement. For these situations, a pre-approval letter, proof of funds as well as your offer level (price, % down and contingencies) will suffice.

Why do I need to fill it out?

real estate contract: REBNY Financial Statement in NYCSellers use the form and listing brokerage firms to evaluate the relative strength of offers. They determine who remains the most financially qualified and most likely to pass the co-op board. If you are a financially stable candidate, it is a good thing because it can help make you stand out, especially in a bidding war.

What does this REBNY Financial Statement include in NYC?

new york: coop board interview in NYC - REBNY Financial Statement in NYCFor those of you who are familiar with accounting, the REBNY form is a combination of a personal balance sheet and income statement.

  • The balance sheet portion asks you to list all assets (cash, stocks, bonds, and properties, etc.) and liabilities (loans, mortgages, etc.).
  • The income portion asks for your income and any co-applicants income. You will need to be very specific here and break down your income by salary versus bonus. To make your income as strong as possible also include other sources of income, such as investments (dividends and interest). If you have any questions, feel free to ask NestApple.

Working with an experienced buyer’s agent will help ensure that you are fully informed about the nuances and different requirements for each co-op. Do don’t want to invest too much time in something which may not be the right fit.

When should I fill out the REBNY Financial Statement?

broker meeting clients - Investment property - Nestapple agents helping you save money on your investment property.We recommend that you complete this form ahead of time if you are planning to buy in New York. Also , secure a mortgage pre-approval. When you find the apartment that you love, you aren’t scrambling to get your documents ready to make an offer with your agent. No matter what agent you choose, or even if you decide to go it alone, the listing agent will likely still ask you to fill out this form.

What if I don’t want to fill it out?

real estate agentMany times people express they are uncomfortable disclosing personal and financial information. Unfortunately, if you don’t include it, you may put yourself at a significant disadvantage. In the case of co-ops, the board application process can be excruciating and intrusive. These items will eventually come up. It is good to disclose your financial information clearly and honestly upfront. If you can’t afford a co-op (or condo), it is best to know that early on so that you can move on to the next place. Generally, the more transparent and clear your offer is, the more likely it will stand out from other buyers.

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