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Smart Homes In Westchester

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A few things will stand out to you if you’ve ever driven through Westchester County. One of the most commonly cited thingswestchester: control your home from your phone about this county is how frequently homes in the area look old school. It’s not unusual to see homes that look straight out of a page from a Victorian architecture book, and it’s a good part of Westchester’s charm. Though the area is famous for having classic-looking homes, you should make no mistake about the modern streak that this area boasts. Homeowners in Westchester adore having smart home systems. Those devices do not require a lot of investment in many cases. Getting in on the innovative home trend is a cinch. Which devices or systems shall I buy? Which smart home manager?

What Do You Need To Have A Smart Home?

Before you can get other items to automate your home, you must have a smart home hub. Most people already know about two different smartwifi alexa home systems: Amazon Alexa and Siri, and you will need at least one device to link to these voice-activated programs.

We suggest getting an Amazon Alexa if you have Android cell phone devices. Once you have a hub, it’s time to choose (and link up) your devices of choice to the hub.

1. What Are The Most  Popular Smart Home Devices In Westchester?

For the sake of this article, we’re going to stick to devices that are not currently considered part of a smart home hub like an Alexa Show. The most popular smart devices in Westchester generally help improve the ambiance or add subtle security upgrades to your home. Some of the more popular ones include…

  • Nest Thermostats. These are innovative thermostats owners can link to Alexa, and their primary purpose is to help you save on heating bills by adjusting the temperatures when you are here.
  • Ring Doorbells. The ring has become one of the most significant phenomena in the smart homeworld. These security devices record the nightly (and daily) goings-on that happen around your home’s premises. It’s a smart doorbell that can allow you to watch over your home at all times of the day.
  • LIFX Light Bulbs. Technically, any smart bulb will be a good match since these will allow you to turn your home’s lights on and off via voice command. (Or through your phone, if that’s your thing.)
  • Samsung Smart Fridge. Yes, it’s true. Smart refrigerators can be pretty cool in your home, and they’re convenient if you want to look up recipes while you cook.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Turn Your House Into A Smart Home?

Honestly, it doesn’t cost much money at all. On a technicality, having a smart home hub alone is enough to make your home a smart home. Aninnovative home Amazon Echo Dot can be as little as $29 or even less if you get a used model. With that said, many homes get heavily outfitted with brand-new items.

So while the entry price is low, it’s not unusual to hear of those homes with thousands of dollars worth of gear.

3. How Do You Connect Your Smart Home manager To The Hub?

I wish I could write a universal guide for this, partly because I would use it myself. However, each device will have a different way of linking it up to Alexa, Siri, or Google Home. You can usually find out how to do it by checking the online guide or referring to a YouTube video on the topic.

Does Having A Smart Home System Improve Your Home’s Value?

Here’s one thing most people don’t want to hear about smart home systems: they don’t necessarily improve a house’s value. Unlike most homehome controlled from your phone - smart home devices improvement projects, most smart manager upgrades are items you can take from home to home. Most of the items in question are small and are expected to be taken with you. After all, homebuyers aren’t going to pay thousands of dollars more for a couple of light bulbs!

With that said, there are some exceptions to the rule. Smart locks, innovative refrigerators, and security devices are more likely to fetch a slight but noticeable uptick in pricing. Even then, they would have to be brand new and also would have to be smart devices that the new family desires. With smart locks, you may also have to reset them with the new homeowners present.

Written By: Ossiana Tepfenhart

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