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Eco-friendly Appliances For New York Apartments 2023

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A recent survey by Southern Cross University found that 87% of people wanted to learn how to live more eco-friendly. Additionally, 93% were concerned about the planet and were willing to make lifestyle changes to help. When you find your New York apartment, it’s worth investing in some great new kitchen eco-friendly appliances.

Less electrical usage and resources will make your life easier and more sustainable. The following would be a great modern New York apartment addition for a busy professional.

When your old stainless steel appliances stop working, replace them immediately with more efficient models. You’ll see lower energy bills and reduce your global warming emissions. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), efficient kitchen appliances use up to half less energy and water than standard versions.

In 1992, EPA introduced ENERGY STAR, a voluntary labeling program to help consumers find the most energy-efficient products. These products protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They will eventually reduce your overall electricity cost.

The Energy Star label means a product meets or exceeds strict energy-efficiency guidelines established by the EPA and DOE. This way, you’ll always find it on the most efficient washing machines, coffee makers, refrigerators, water heating, dishwashers, HVAC systems, and heating and cooling units.

Kitchen Appliances

Eco-friendly washing machinesNew York City Kitchen

There have been significant advances in washing machines to help make daily laundry more eco-friendly. It would help if you first considered comparing an apartment’s front and top-load machines. For instance, front-load machines generally use less water but can be more expensive.

Samsung has recently developed a hybrid option between the two called Flexwash. The machine’s drum is filled with millions of bubbles penetrating the fabric to clean the material. This uses substantially less water than conventional washing and is better for the planet. You can monitor with an Android device.

When buying a Clothes Washer, check the yellow EnergyGuide label. Use this label to prevent the model’s energy use. It’s essential to compare the energy use of similar models and estimate costs annually.

In the past few years, advances in laundry machine technology have resulted in more efficient operations.

Not only are these machines making our lives simpler, but they are also doing it more efficiently. Opting for an ENERGY STAR-certified appliance grants you access to top-of-the-line features and functions and the extra advantage of savings. Newly certified ENERGY STAR washing machines boast the latest technology, allowing for a remarkable decrease in water consumption.

  • Save. ENERGY STAR-certified clothes washers have cutting-edge technology that drastically decreases hot water consumption. Compared to traditional full-sized washers, ENERGY STAR washers use much less water.
Full-sized washers that have the ENERGY STAR use significantly less water gallons. A standard machine may use up to 20 gallons compared. However, an efficient machine will use only 14 gallons.
  • Long lasting clothes Washing machines with agitators can be rough on your clothes. ENERGY STAR clothes washers have updated wash systems that use different methods to lift and tumble your laundry. By doing this, the life of your clothes is extended. Additionally, because they are so gentle, many models can safely clean silk, wool, and other hand-washables.
  • Less time washing By removing the big and bulky agitator, the washing machine has more space for clothing, particularly more significant items. This larger capacity can reduce the laundry you must do in one week. More capacity means fewer loads of laundry each week.
  • Help save the planet. Burning coal and natural gas represents more than 60% percent of electricity. Decreasing water usage can help preserve scarce water supplies. Check out the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program to learn more about saving water.

Smart ovenselectricity bill

The oven in your kitchen is one of the most used appliances. Advances in recent technology mean that cooking a meal uses less energy and can be done more efficiently. Smart ovens are changing how we cook food and give you the option of being able to cook remotely.

You can set up your meal before work and then operate your oven remotely using your phone. You can then have your dinner ready when you walk into the apartment. New smart ovens by Bosch and Hoover incorporate pyrolytic technology, making cleaning your oven a breeze.

No ENERGY STAR label exists for residential ovens, ranges, or microwave ovens. If you’re serious about creating an eco-friendly kitchen, then an oven with convection capabilities must. The Bosch Built-In Double Electric Convection Wall Oven cooks evenly with higher energy efficiency than non-convection models. It also has an internal temperature probe to help you monitor your cooking progress.

Smart toasters

97% of Americans agree that breakfast is the day’s most important meal. And every good breakfast should include a slice of hot, buttered toast. Toasters have a reputation for being incredibly inconsistent machines, using a lot of electricity, and not always cooking toast evenly.

However, new technological advances include specialized settings for different types of bread and see-through walls. The new smart toasters brown your bread less than 50 percent the time as conventional toasters. You can also personalize the settings to get your toast just how you like it.

Even better, you can control your toaster using your phone, giving you a few extra precious minutes in bed in the morning.

When you choose gadgets for your New York apartment, some excellent new eco-friendly options are on the market. They will not only ultimately save you time and money but also help to save the planet.

As a consumer, it’s difficult to tell which brands are eco-friendly and which only claim to be. As a small New York apartment buyer, multiple sources are available to double-check before purchasing.

What may initially seem like an expensive purchase, down the road, it can be an excellent investment to reduce high electric bills. Reducing your energy consumption is a win-win for everyone. Saving money for you and helping make a greener planet.

Written By: Georges Benoliel

Georges has been working in Wall Street for the last 16 years trading derivatives with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Georges graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a master in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

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