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A Look At The Most Popular Types Of Roofing Across New York

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types of roof materialsFlat roofs are an iconic feature throughout New York, particularly across the borough of Manhattan, and this roofing tradition is now over 60 years old. If you want to purchase or renovate a property in New York, you should not overlook roofing. Flat roofing, metal roofing, and asphalt shingle roofing are among the most popular types in the state. We will discuss the types of roof materials.

Flat Roofing

So, why is flat roofing so popular in New York? Firstly, it suits local weather conditions and prevents potential plumbing disasters. NYC records around 25 inches of snow each year on average.

Flat roofs enable effective draining, so the snow slides off onto the sidewalks. Flat roofing is also cost-effective to install and easy to maintain.

It’s also useful for housing AC units safely, which minimizes the risk of accidents or vandalism. And that’s not all. Flat roofs are also commonly used for sunbathing, parties, and social gatherings across the city.

The 1960s hit by The Drifters, “Up On The Roof,” encapsulates this phenomenon: it talks about urban dwellers who frequently climb onto their apartment roofs as a peaceful escape from the crowded city streets. People continue to do the same today, with rooftop gatherings the norm in New York.

Types Of Roofing: Metal roofing 

Once just used for sheds or barns roofs, metal roofing has made many advancements over the past few decades and is now a popular type of roof found across New York, particularly in commercial buildings. Metal roofing is waterproof, durable, weather- and wind-resistant, and dent-resistant.

It’s also low-maintenance, with any repairs often being straightforward. The lifespan is also impressive — lasting up to 40 years or more. You’ll alsowestchester county towns benefit from energy savings with this type of material since its UV coating works to prevent heat transfer.

Metal roofing also looks good. As an appealing benefit, you can shape or cut them into any shape to suit roof panels, corrugated strips, or shingles.

However, its prime drawback is that it’s unsuitable for use on curved roofs.

Types Of Roofing: Asphalt shingle roofing

Asphalt shingle roofing is another popular roof type across New York. The most significant benefit of this type of roof is affordability. It’s cheap to install, and repairs typically cost less than other roof materials. However, on the other hand, maintenance issues can crop up more frequently, so you can address problems as soon as they occur to prevent them from escalating.

Nevertheless, people know shingles for their durability. So, if one or two shingles get damaged or ripped off during a bad storm, you can easily replace one or two without replacing the entire roof. They’re also usually resistant to mold and mildew, particularly necessary for damp, shaded locations.

Roofing is essential if you want to purchase or renovate a home in New York. Flat roofing, metal roofing, and asphalt shingle roofing are some of the most popular roofs you’ll find across the state today.

Written By: Georges Benoliel

Georges has been working in Wall Street for the last 16 years trading derivatives with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Georges graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a master in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

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