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Co-op recommendation letter sample in for NYC Board package

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Co-op reference letters NYC application package - how to write a reference letterGood personal and professional recommendation letter samples for Coop and Condo Boards are essential to acing your NYC co-op application package. We will teach you how to write a reference letter with the Do and Don’t. Everyone knows buying a property in NYC is more expensive than everywhere else. Sadly, not only is it more expensive, but it’s also more annoying! The process can be more stressful than a job interview. Therefore, condo and co-op board applications in NYC can be tedious. Those applications and also never-ending. This blog post will share our tips and real estate recommendation letter sample templates.

Professional and personal reference letters are an essential item in the whole package for some condo and co-op boards. Therefore, taking them seriously is necessary as it can be more tricky than a letter for a friend and even applying for a job targeting hiring managers!

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Here’s what the board will be looking for…

To begin, buying an NYC co-op apartment is a tricky process that involves a lot of work. Therefore, even if you meet the building’s income qualifications, you’ll still need to prove that you’ll be a good neighbor. For instance, most co-op boards have a stringent application process requiring the submission of reference letters.

For instance, they may also include an in-person interview. Also, there are multiple types of reference letters. This guide will review the different kinds of reference & recommendation letter samples. Lastly, it will also provide information on what the co-op board expects to see so that you’ll have no problem getting approved.

  1. What are the  Types of NYC Co-op recommendation letter samples?
  2. Why do Buyers need To Provide Personal, Professional, and Landlord recommendation letter samples?
  3. What should you include in a professional NYC Co-op recommendation letter sample?
  4. What Should Not Be Included In Your Condo and Co-op Reference Letters?
  5. Who Should You Ask To Write Your Condo and Co-op Reference Letters?
  6. What Is A Landlord Reference Letter?
  7. Final Tips for submitting great NYC co-op reference letters
  8. Conclusion
  9. Examples of Co-op reference letters for Board Packages in NYC

What are the  Types of NYC Co-op recommendation letter samples?

The most common co-op reference letters are

  1. personal
  2. and professional recommendation letter samples.

Also, some co-ops may ask you for additional examples of letters, most commonly

  1. landlord reference letters
  2. and bank reference letters.

We will share seven reference letter samples at the end of this post. Those sample reference letters can be a great source of inspiration for aspirational coop buyers!

Why do Buyers need To Provide Personal, Professional, and Landlord recommendation letter samples?

Because the board requests it!

After negotiating the price and terms of purchase, a buyer sometimes thinks everything is negotiable. Unfortunately, condo and co-op applications are not, and everything in the board application is required.

The management company returns incomplete applications without Board review. Every condo and co-op board application requires professional and personal reference letters, and Anecdotally, most call for two of each.

Sometimes, a bank reference letter is also requested. That’s simply a letter from the bank summarizing your accounts and can be processed quickly.

What should you include in a personal NYC co-op reference letter?

It will include information aboutcoop letters for the Board NYC - recommendation letter sample your good character. Remember, the co-op board is most interested in ensuring that you will be a trustworthy neighbor. Buyers ask their friends to write a character reference letter. An excellent reference will tell the board when they first met the applicant, how often they see each other, and how much they value the relationship.

The best personal reference letters are favorable, unremarkable, and act as a sample character reference for someone. Use words such as “respectful,” “responsible,” and “great neighbors.” Nobody has ever been denied because they’re too respectful or too responsible.

Also, professional references letter are more cookie-cutter because they’re experienced. Common themes include that you’re a “good team player,” “reliable,” and “positively contribute to the company’s culture.”

Formatting and letterhead

All reference letters should be formatted correctly on letterhead and contain the reference’s contact information. The board expects that, and sometimes they reach out, so ensure the info is accurate! Details are helpful but should be unambiguously safe.

Your college roommate can mention how wonderful it was to live with you and how you always kept your room spotless. However, they must leave out if you were always ready to party. A reference letter should be a full page long, including the header and signature.

Co-op Personal recommendation letter sample Tips

  • Your letter should be written by someone who has known you for 5+ years.
  • The letter should state how your reference met you and how long you’ve known.
  • Do not have a family member write a personal letter; this is a big no-no.
  • It’s a big plus if the person writing your letter is a co-op owner.
  • The letter is meant to act as a character reference, and it should explain why you’d make a good neighbor.
  • Make sure you correctly format the letter. Your reference includes their contact information should the co-op board need to reach out for any follow-up questions.

If your reference hasn’t written a co-op reference letter before, it’s best to provide them with a sample to work off of. We include an example for you below.

What should you include in a professional NYC Co-op recommendation letter sample?

The first thing you’ll need to know about a professional recommendation letter sample is that there are generally two varieties. Therefore, generalcoop letters do and don't - recommendation letter sample - professional recommendation letter sample professional reference letters, such as those written by a coworker or professional acquaintance, and employer reference letters. Finally, an NYC co-op board may ask for one or even both.

Professional letters of recommendation templates from colleagues or business associates are similar to personal reference letters. Indeed, they will speak to your character and respectability within the business community. They reinforce the co-op board that you are a hard-working, trustworthy, and respectable person who will make a good neighbor.

Lastly, it is not about job experience; it’s about a positive attitude and must always be in a letter format (no email).

Employer reference letters are a bit different but, in many ways, more straightforward. As such, you’ll typically request them from your human resources department, providing you with a relatively formal reference letter. Employer reference letters include your job title, length of employment, and income information. These co-op reference letters will confirm your financial stability to the board.

What Should Not Be Included In Your Condo and Co-op Reference Letters?

A simple reference letter rule is to leave it out if someone could be concerned or offended about something. It doesn’t matter how likely that may be, including it is a risk without a reward. Avoid discussing politics, a particular type of cuisine, or a musical instrument.

Your condo and co-op letter should avoid all sorts of negatives. If your boss writes, “I wasn’t sold on Bob at first but eventually came around. He’s now a critical member of the team,” they mean well, but the board may wonder why they were unsure.

And this may go without saying, but there should not be any spelling or grammatical errors in your letters! Please make sure a few people proofread the letter before it’s submitted. Usually, a new set of eyes is all it takes to spot that last remaining error.

Who Should You Ask To Write Your Condo and Co-op Reference Letters?

No family members

It would be best not to ask family members for letters, as most boards will not accept them. Ask your friends and colleagues who know how to write a formal business letter with an address, date, standard greeting, etc. Both professional and personal letters should be treated as professional documents. If you wouldn’t send it to your boss, you shouldn’t be sending it to the board.

Coop owners welcome

That is a huge plus if your friend or colleague already owns an apartment, especially a co-op.

Given they have gone through the application process, they will have a good sense of what should be said in the setoff. They know what a co-op shareholder expects and can vouch for you as a potential future shareholder.

Time matters

The longer you’ve known someone, the better. Aim for references who have known you for at least a few years and note that in the letter. Longer relationships give the board a sense of stability and continuity in life. Even if they don’t live in NYC, hometown and college friends are excellent choices.

While current coworkers are best, former coworkers are also acceptable. Someone you worked with for three years at your last job is better than your current officemate of three months.

If you’re part of a couple and have mutual acquaintances, personal reference letters for both of you are usually okay, but that should be confirmed before applying.

What Is A Landlord recommendation letter sample?

When it comes to your landlord, you probably know their name, where to send the check, and nothing else. It’s hard to imagine them writing an effusive letter about you, so what exactly is a landlord reference letter? A landlord letter will be incredibly dull compared to personal and professional reference letters. It will state your tenancy’s facts and implicitly vouch for you as a proposed co-op neighbor.

If your application requires specific information, let your landlord know; otherwise, they should be familiar with the standard letter. If your landlord is organized, turnaround should also be pretty quick.

Final Tips for submitting a great NYC co-op recommendation letter sample

Here are essential pieces of advice to ensure your reference letters impress the co-op board.

  • Always include contact information. Indeed, make sure your reference includes their contact information should the co-op board need to contact them.
  • Don’t be impersonal. Whatever you do, make sure the letters address the co-op board. For example, do not use “to whom it may concern” or other impersonal greetings.
  • Get multiple references. For example, it’s helpful to ask numerous friends and coworkers for letters in this way, and you’ll select the best ones to submit.
  • Leave out potentially unappealing information. NYC co-op boards are notoriously finicky and may nitpick all types of information. Imple, you play the piano, you may think it’s worth mentioning.
  • However, it’s the opposite, as they might assume you’ll be a noisy neighbor. To conclude, the last thing you want to do is give the board a reason to deny your application.


While asking your friends and business acquaintances to vouch for you may initially seem intimidating, getting NYC co-op reference letters isn’t all that hard. Therefore, please start the process early and follow our guidelines to ensure. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to NestApple.

Co-op recommendation letter samples for Board Package in NYC

We gathered seven real estate recommendation letter templates to help our buyers create a solid board package.

Coop recommendation letter sample Example #1

Dear Co-op Board:

I am writing this letter to attest to the character of GDT and C.K. I have known GDT my entire life, and he has always shown an incredible level of responsibility, forethought, and care for others.

His marriage has only strengthened these traits to C.K.

As a couple, they both have brightened both professional and personal relationships. I don’t doubt that they would make reliable neighbors.

Please reach out with any other questions,


Real estate recommendation letter template sample Example #2

Dear Co-op Board of …,

I am writing to recommend GDT and C.K. I have known GDT for almost 20 years, and I met his wife, C.K., eight years ago when he brought her home to meet his family. GDT and I met in junior high school and have been close friends ever since.

I worked with GDT for many summers and was a groomsman at his wedding in 2018. GDT and C.K. are two of the hardest-working people I know.

From the time I met GDT, he has done nothing but impresses me. And the same is true for C.K. They started their life together in New York ten years ago, just out of college, with very little.

Through hard work and determination, Giovanni and C.K. achieved outstanding success in their respective careers. Besides, GDT and C.K. are no strangers to apartment living.

They have lived in Manhattan for almost ten years together, paying their bills on time and being considerate neighbors. GDT and C.K. would make ideal members of your community. They are warm, caring, and compassionate people who make friends wherever they go. I recommend them both with the utmost sincerity.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Coop recommendation letter sample #3

Dear Co-op Board of …,

I recommend C.K. and GDT at 140 West End Avenue, Apt 30G, at [address]. I have known C.K. for over half my life (18 years) and her husband, GDT since they started dating eight years ago. In my first year of high school, we have remained close friends ever since, despite years of going to college on separate coasts.

We ultimately reunited in NYC and navigated our first decade of post-college adulthood together. Most recently, I was a bridesmaid at her wedding two summers ago.

C.K. and GDT  are incredibly responsible, pragmatic, and the most financially savvy people I know. I’m happy to have seen them build their successful careers and establish their first home in New York together, and I’m also confident that C.K. & GDT would make friendly and considerate tenants and neighbors. Not only do they approach decisions with a decent amount of thoughtfulness and foresight, but they have also trusted friends and sources of advice in my own life.

If you need anything further, please feel free to contact me.

Real estate Recommendation letter sample #4

Board of Directors

Dear President and Members of the Board,

It is with great pleasure that I can provide this letter of recommendation for VH I have known for over ten years, and I am honored to be her friend. She is honest, responsible, and trustworthy, and she is a loyal friend, and I know I can count on her.

My children have grown up with hers, and we have enjoyed many family outings and social events. We have lived in the same community, and she has always been an exceptional neighbor. I know she will be a valuable member of your cooperative.

Please get in touch with me directly: if you need additional information.


real estate recommendation letter template #5

Sept 10, 2020

New York, NY 10028

Dear Board Members:

This is a letter of the highest recommendation for A.R. and R.N. as potential residents in your building. I have known A for more than six years, and I am proud to call him my dearest friend. AR has always been the person I could turn to for guidance, support, and true friendship. Once I was introduced to R, I was impressed by their deep sense of caring, not just for each other but also for friends and family.

A and R are intelligent, extremely considerate, and trustworthy individuals, and their thoughtful, wise, and generous spirits will make a great addition to your building. It isn’t easy to imagine a better choice of neighbors. I would be delighted to have them as neighbors and recommend them without hesitation. Please feel free to reach out via phone if you have

any questions.

Sincerely yours,

real estate recommendation letter template Example #6

Board of Directors 90 Gold Street

New York, NY 10022

Dear Member of the Board,

This letter confirms that the New York Dental Practice currently employs Adam Smith. Mr. Smith is now in good standing and has worked there since Feb 1, 2012. Mr. Smith is a partner at the firm and receives an annual salary of $300,000.

He is entitled to performance bonuses and profit-sharing of approximately $100,000 annually. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.


John Jones, CEO

New York Dental Practice

111 Park Avenue 

New York, NY 10011


real estate recommendation letter template Example #7

Board of Directors

90 Gold Street

New York, NY 10022

Dear Member of the Board,

I am writing this letter to support my friend, Adam Smith, who wants to purchase Unit 1202 in your cooperative building. I met Adam over 12coop board NYC reviewing recommendation letter sample - how to write a reference letter years ago while completing our undergraduate studies at Cornell. We’ve been great friends, and I feel fortunate for his friendship. Also, we were roommates for a year after graduation.

As such, I can attest that Adam was a respectful housemate who always kept the flat in good order. As a co-op owner and member of my building’s board, I have come across good and bad neighbors.

I believe Adam will be an excellent addition to your I I I  community, and I cannot recommend him enough. He will make a great neighbor. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.


David Ricardo

142 Duane Street

New York, NY 10011


Written By: Georges Benoliel

Georges has been working in Wall Street for the last 16 years trading derivatives with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Georges graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a master in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

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