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Great Deals On 1 Bedroom Flats In Dubai Creek Harbour in 2023

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Dubai Creek Harbour has excellent investment potential, with many high-end properties. One-bedroom flats are becoming increasingly popular in the area due to their reasonable costs and easy accessibility. This article explores why one-bedroom flats for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour are such a good deal and provide guidance for those considering investing in real estate there.

The city of Dubai has been increasing over recent years, making it an attractive option for property investors looking to capitalize on its booming economy. With prices ranging from mid-level to luxury, one-bedroom flats provide excellent value for money compared to other city locations.

In addition, they offer proximity to some of the most desirable amenities in downtown Dubai, such as waterfront views, world-class shopping malls, and designer restaurants.

An introduction to Dubai.

Over fifty years ago, there was a small town in the desert where buying elite properties in Dubai Creek Harbour, UAE, was not even a thought. The main goal of the ruling Sheik Zayed was to encourage nomads to embrace a settled way of life. He accomplished this task, and today, both locals and foreigners are delighted to make the emirate their permanent residence or invest in highly liquid and profitable real estate.

Non-citizens have the legal entitlement to own residential or commercial properties located in free-hold zones, of which there are over 60 in Dubai, and the quantity is continuously increasing.

Apartment types

Dubai offers various residential options, including apartments for sale in various configurations, from studios to five-bedroom units. With such diverse options, citizens can easily find a home that suits their needs. Many luxury apartments even come with additional rooms for maids. Additionally, these residential complexes offer numerous amenities, such as:
  • Some amenities available in this location include pools, gyms, barbecue areas, retail stores, and cafes.
Ensuring the convenience and comfort of residents is a critical focus in residential communities, particularly in serviced apartments.

How to find the perfect apartments in Dubai?

To avoid any miscalculations, it is crucial to establish the purpose of the purchase beforehand. Will the apartment be for personal residence or rental purposes? The apartment search should be tailored based on the answer. It is more challenging to sell an apartment far from significant city areas with inadequate infrastructure, whereas it is simpler to live in such apartments.

Location And Accessibility of Dubai Creek Harbour

1-bedroom apartments in central Dubai offer high rental yields due to their proximity to grocery shops and eateries. This residential district is one of the safest in the city, with 24/7 Dubai Creek Harbour These units offer contemporary amenities such as fully-fitted kitchens, huge balconies, and parking spots, making them appealing investments for prospective purchasers.

Investment Potential of Dubai Creek Harbour

One-bedroom condos in the master-planned complex have exceptional investment possibilities. These homes suit long-term investors since they are near the city’s biggest attractions, entertainment, and business areas.

Tax benefits attract real estate investors. Buyers that rent out their one-bedroom property get several tax perks. Exemptions from VAT registration costs and VAT on residential properties leased for three years or longer provide significant savings.

When buying a property, rental income is significant. The 0% personal income tax rate makes tracking earnings and keeping taxes low straightforward without compromising the quality of life. Renting a one-bedroom home also lets people take advantage of being near retail malls, beaches, parks, and other facilities, which might attract renters and boost rental returns.

  • Rental yields tend to be higher than you would find elsewhere because there is no shortage of people searching for new homes in this desirable location.
  • High demand from tourists and locals means prices remain strong despite market fluctuations.
  • Long-term contracts ensure reliable income streams even during downturns
  • Maintenance costs are kept low thanks to modern construction standards used by developers
  • Property values usually appreciate at above-average rates due to high desirability amongst overseas purchasers


Living in the area offers many advantages, especially concerning cost-effectiveness. One-bedroom flats are beautiful for those looking for a great deal on rental prices. From cost savings due to lower rent payments and additional amenities included in the price, there is much to be gained from living in this area.

The following table illustrates how one-bedroom flats compare in terms of cost-effectiveness:

Cost Factor  AdvantageDisadvantage
Rental Prices  Lower Rent Payment  N/A   
Additional AmenitiesIncluded in the PriceN/A   

Amenities And Facilities of Dubai Creek Harbour

One-bedroom apartment residents enjoy unique amenities and services. The property provides inhabitants with unmatched lifestyle options with its world-class marina, waterfront promenade, retail center, and green areas.

Residents may sail, kayak, swim, or relax on the beach. This beautiful site offers several valuable services:

  • 24-hour concierge service
  • a lease that complies with the local legislation
  • Taxes on properties managed by management companies
  • Maintenance workers

Waste collection and disposal daily keeps the environment clean. Public transit makes cross-town traveling easy, and adjacent stores provide daily requirements.

Due to their affordability, rental charges are comparable with nearby, similar homes. This attracts renters searching for cheap one-bedroom homes. They enjoy contemporary conveniences in an ultra-luxurious environment with pleasant neighbors who share interests.

Investment Opportunities

One-bedroom apartments provide high rental yields. Prospective renters may anticipate rental returns of 8%, more than other locations in the city, making it perfect for investors. Loans, mortgages, and equity investments make purchasing property easier.

Finally, buying a 1-bedroom home gives you peace of mind that you made an excellent financial option with little risk. This asset offers tax savings and long-term financial appreciation. These qualities make one-bedroom homes appealing to investors.

Legal Details and Procedures

Learning the relevant norms and regulations when renting a condo is vital. The lease terms may fluctuate depending on the landlord, but they generally require an initial deposit and recurrent monthly rent payments. The approval process may be protracted, and landlords may demand income documentation and background checks.

To establish their dependability as renters, tenants may also be expected to present supplemental papers such as references or guarantors. Renters must agree to lease rules before signing.

Restrictions on noise, pets, smoking, and property alteration may apply. Applicants must read all information and declare they know of any rental charges before applying. They should make queries to clarify any confused regions before agreeing.

When renting a condo, it is vital to understand the agreements, as breaching them could lead to eviction. If done appropriately, this move may be straightforward and hassle-free for both landlord and tenant!


The Dubai Creek Harbour area is an excellent place to invest if you are looking for an apartment with one bedroom. It is easy to reach, low cost, provides a wide range of services and amenities and has several prospective investment choices. All of these factors make it a good opportunity for investors. Before proceeding with any purchase or lease arrangement, careful thought must be given to the relevant legal requirements and procedures.

Those looking to invest their money in Dubai Creek Harbour may anticipate a healthy return on their investment by purchasing an apartment with one bedroom there.

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Written By: Georges Benoliel

Georges has been working in Wall Street for the last 16 years trading derivatives with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Georges graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a master in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

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