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Where shall I move? Brooklyn vs. Westchester

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Most of us have experienced life in Manhattan—either as a place of work or a place to call home. It’s not an easy place to live, even though it’s one ofBrooklyn vs. Westchester the most exciting cities in the world. If you’re like many New Yorkgarers, you occasionally want to make a break for it and leave the city. Among Manhattanites, there seem to be two primary options that bring people out of the city. Those two options are Brooklyn vs. Westchester. Both towns have a slightly slower-paced way of life and remain close to the city. Yet, each has unique traits that make them ideal for certain people.

Are you wondering about your options when leaving New York City? If so, you might want to get the scoop on these two neighborhoods. 

What’s Living In Brooklyn, NY Like?

Brooklyn is the kind of town that people choose when they want to enjoy being close to the action but want to have just a little space between them and the madness of Midtown. Here’s what you need to know about this region:

  • Most of Brooklyn will be more expensive than Westchester, and Brooklyn rents quickly rival Manhattan’s. While it is marginally cheaper, it’s still nothing to sneeze at. However, it depends on the residential neighborhoods in Brooklyn: Cobble Hill, Park Slope, Fort Green, Carroll Gardens, Brighton Beach, Prospect Park, Red Hook, Prospect Heights, and Bedford Stuyvesant.
  • You may have more difficulty finding a house than a condo, co-op, or apartment; this shouldn’t be shocking. Brooklyn is exceptionally densely populated, which means houses are a rarity.
  • Brooklyn tends to have more coffee shops, entertainment venues, restaurants, and jobs. It makes sense, considering the location of said area.
  • Commuting to the city is a cinch in Brooklyn, and public transit makes it a breeze. You can reach almost any part of the city through public transportation (subways, buses) or a walk. 
  • Though you can find people of every age in Brooklyn, people tend to assume it’s a more youthful, accurate cityArdsley City Guide filled with nightlife, trendy people, and loud cars. However, just about every age group can be found here.
  • Owning a car in this area is a nightmare, and many more costs come with car ownership in Brooklyn. Even paying for parking can be nightmarish, with some paying thousands a year to store a car in a garage!

 What’s Living In Westchester Like?

Westchester County, NY, is often likened to the “grown-up side” of the boroughs. As a place further out (and north) of a city, this is a common place for people to move when they’ve had enough of the craziness that comes with Brooklyn life. But what does this mean? Well, here’s what you should be aware of:

  • While it is still pricey, it is nowhere near as expensive as most parts of Brooklyn. Buying a whole house is far more affordable in Westchester than in Brooklyn, making it ideal for people who want a suburban lifestyle. 
  • Oh, and Westchester is also more suburban. Brooklyn might have some suburban areas, but that’s not the standard experience. In Westchester, most people feel like they’re in the ‘burbs. 
  • Westchester is safer and generally seen as a better place to raise kids. We have all heard of rough parts of Brooklyn with gangs or bad schools, and Westchester might still be a little urban, but the streets are pretty safe
  • Going to the city might be a hassle. Well, it will probably be more of a hassle than it would be if you went back to Manhattan from Jay Street. 
  • Many people suggest that Westchester is a little bit more grown-up. In your 20s, Brooklyn is the place to be because of the nightlife. While you can still find homes in Westchester, the truth is that most people find it to be where they can move to the next part of life.
  • You won’t see public transit in Westchester, and there won’t be subways, but you can get busses to certain parts. If you used to commute via public transit, you might need to do some additional planning.

Brooklyn vs. Westchester: Property Values

Another major thing we need to discuss is the property values in Brooklyn and Westchester. Brooklyn is quickly becoming as difficult to afford as Manhattan, so buyers can see home prices rise fairly reliably yearly. On the other hand, Westchester is still being built up—to a point. 

Because people are starting to move out of the city at a higher rate, Westchester is growing in demand. So, while it’s not as heavy on price as Brooklyn, it will be a solid long-term investment.

Which Is Better? Brooklyn vs. Westchester

Honestly, comparing these two areas is like comparing apples to oranges. They are entirely different lifestyles that will involve relatively other behavior. Brooklyn is more liberal than Westchester in many ways, and Westchester tends to give people a more traditional setting for raising a family or having a quiet place of your own. 

If you are a massive fan of slowing things down and going for a quieter lifestyle, Westchester is an excellent option. On the other hand, if you’re still looking to be in the heart of everything, it’s best to stay within the “official” five boroughs and choose Brooklyn.

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Written By: Ossiana Tepfenhart

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