Compare Listings

Get paid by your broker

If the unit has a fee

  • Select NestApple as your broker when you visit the unit
  • 15% of the annual rent (i.e. 2 month’s rent) typically split between the 2 brokers
  • We will pay you back 2/3 of our fee
  • If you apply on your own, the listing agent gets the full 15% you pay him

If the unit is "no-fee"

  • This does not mean no fee is paid to brokers, It means the landlord pays for it as a referral
  • With NestApple as your broker, the listing broker and NestApple each get paid a month’s rent by the landlord as a referral
  • NestApple will pay you back 2/3 of the fee received
  • If you apply on your own, the listing agent gets the full 15%

Standard commission on a rental in NYC: 15% of the annual rent

EXAMPLE: Rent is $3,000Total Commission: $5,400Listing Agent: $2,250Nestapple: $900YOU: $1,800

Tenant goes without a broker

entire commission goes to listing agent

Listing agent makes $5,400

You get $0

Tenant hires a traditional agency

Commission is split

Listing Agent: $2,700

Tenant’s Agent: $2,700

You get $0

Save money on your apartment with a NYC rental broker fee rebate

Are you looking to rent an apartment in NYC or CT? You can save thousands of dollars off your broker’s commission by only requesting a NYC rental broker fee rebate through NestApple. Our team of tenant’s broker is highly rated and affiliated to REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) offers a full service of brokerage services for prospective tenants.

Rental broker fee rebates in NYC and CT are legal and non-taxable. You can earn a rebate on pretty much every listing on the market. Don’t let that listing agent earn that hefty double commission. Hire NestApple and get money back now.

What are the steps for renting an apartment with a NestApple’s renters rebate?

Let’s find that dream apartment together

Market knowledge: we have relationship across the NYC broker community, New York landlords and management companies due to our large volume of business. Our team and our founders have experience in real estate but also in investment banking, consulting, and corporate law. We are owners and investors ourselves and we will help you navigate around the pitfalls we have experienced before.

Portfolio of listings: NestApple will ensure that you have full access to all real rental property in New York City. Our NestApple database is larger than StreetEasy. The NYC rental market is flooded with open listings (a broker “stealing” the listing of somebody else) and fake listings (“too good to be true” listings). Having access to NestApple’s database of verified listings will ensure that you don’t waste time on listings that are no longer available whether you are looking for a temporary housing or a yearly lease.

Prepare to make an offer: wether you prefer to do most of the searching on your own or work more closely with NestApple, you can narrow it down to a few apartments. Once you have identified the property for which you are ready to submit an offer, NestApple will conduct a market analysis in order to determine the appropriate bidding strategy.

Get your documentation ready to present your offer

The application will vary depending on the landlord. It is typically fairly simple for most rental buildings and more extensive for condo or co-op application. Generally, you’ll need to have the following documentation ready:

  • Last two pay stubs
  • A letter of employment (current position, salary and length of employment)
  • Up to two years of tax returns
  • Latest bank and investment account statements
  • List of your previous landlords with contact information
  • A photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license.

For condo or co-op apartment, you may have to complete a more extensive rental application which will be reviewed first by the management company and then handed to the board for review and approval. Lastly, you may have to pass a coop board interview before your lease application is formally approved.

NestApple will negotiate till the offer gets accepted

After your offer has been submitted there is a negotiation on the specifics of the lease including monthly rent and concessions (first month free, security deposit, co-signers etc) and it’s possible your offer won’t be the only one on the table. In the event that there are multiple applicants, the landlord may accept multiple applications from potential renters to compare and choose the best profile. The landlord may also run a credit report and sometimes a background check. As a result the formal process may take a few days to get finalized.

How it works

We reduce the broker fee of ANY listing For no-fee listings, you get paid 66% of a month’s rent when signing a lease.