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Living in Summerlin, Nevada: Everything You Need To Know Before Moving

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At some point in life, you may feel the urge to move to a new city or town. Maybe a job transfer sparks the idea, or you want more sunshine and opportunity. With hundreds ofLiving in Summerlin, Nevada metro areas and charming suburbs to pick from, narrowing your search can seem like an overwhelming task. However, focusing on core decision drivers like cost of living may help evaluate locations. Weighing quality of life factors before finalizing your moving plans empowers you to make the right choice. If you desire family-friendly neighborhoods and abundant sunshine, living in Summerlin, Nevada, suits you perfectly.

This article has all you need to know before moving to Summerlin, Nevada. Key details include the following;


Initially a barren landscape, the Summerlin area was purchased in the 1950s by Howard Hughes. For decades, the large plot of vacant land sat undisturbed and empty. Then, in 1988, things changed dramatically when The Howard Hughes Corporation broke ground to transform this blank canvas into a master-planned community.

Fast forward to today, and over the past thirty-plus years, Summerlin has blossomed tremendously into one of the most popular suburbs in the entire Las Vegas Valley. The area now spans over 22,500 acres of thoughtfully planned neighborhoods, parks, trails, shopping centers, office buildings, and recreation facilities to create an ideal place to live, work, and play.


According to 2022 census estimates, over 103,000 residents currently reside in Summerlin. That number continues to climb steadily year over year, increasing 12% over the past decade. As new homes go up and word spreads about this family-friendly oasis, more people discover the appeal of Summerlin life. Today, over one-third of the population is under age 18, and another 23% are between 35 and 54 years old.

Fueled by millennials and Gen Xers seeking safe suburbs with top-rated schools and amenities for raising kids, you’ll find far more children and middle-aged couples strolling the parks than college students or retirees living in the area. All age groups enjoy the community’s energetic vibe and lively activities.

Cost of Living

When evaluating affordability for relocation, cost of living factors weigh heavily. Home prices in Summerlin currently average around $465,000, over 40% higher than the national median of $325,000. This steep price tag deters some buyers. However, rentals tell a far more affordable story for those not ready to own property yet.

The average monthly rent for a modern one-bedroom apartment is under $1,300. It is very comparable to rates found in other Southwest metropolitan suburbs. Overall, the cost of living is estimated to run only 2% above the U.S. average when tallying up expenses like food, utilities, and transportation.

Residents also enjoy Nevada’s lack of state income tax, which delivers savings to cushion the loftier housing costs. Everything balanced out, Summerlin remains competitive cost-wise to similarly sized regions and offers higher wages to match.

Crime Rates in Summerlin Nevada

Safety remains a top priority for most people seeking a new hometown. Families want assurance that neighborhoods, schools, and parks will all feel secure daily. Thankfully, Summerlin crime rates fall over 10% below the national average per FBI statistics from 2021.

Even more impressive, violent crime occurs at less than half the US per capita rate while property crimes like burglary and theft also dip well below average. This means your odds of avoiding dangerous situations in Summerlin far exceed many other suburbs.

Exceptionally low crime rates across the board provide significant peace of mind for residents of all ages. So, parents can feel at ease letting kids safely walk to friends’ homes or bike to the community pool.

Health Care in Summerlin Nevada

Summerlin residents have access to excellent healthcare options located right in the community. Nearly a dozen hospitals and medical centers can be found within a short drive.

The growing population also attracts top physicians and specialists from around the country to state-of-the-art facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology for diagnostics and treatment. Most national health insurance plans are accepted locally, making care convenient for residents.

Education in Summerlin Nevada

Clark County School District oversees several top-rated public education campuses within Summerlin, including early childhood centers, seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and four high schools. Therefore, you can find robust academic options as your kids grow and progress through the grade levels.

Also, small class sizes, along with innovative technology and teaching methods, help Summerlin schools achieve impressive testing scores and college acceptance rates year after year. And if you are interested in private education, you can find numerous private schools teaching a wide span of curriculums across the Las Vegas Valley.

Job Opportunities  

As one of the top areas for economic growth and development statewide, Summerlin offers fantastic career options across many industries. Top companies like The Howard Hughes Corporation, Clear Capital, and Aristocrat Technologies all have major offices and operations in the area, always seeking talented professionals to join their teams.

Apart from that, Summerlin’s business parks also draw small and mid-size enterprises ranging from law firms to software developers and more. Whether you desire an executive role or an hourly entry-level position, you will discover no shortage of job openings offering competitive pay and benefits. Diverse companies are eager to tap into the growing, well-educated labor pool.

Outdoor Activities

If an active lifestyle under the sun is a priority, Summerlin delivers. Over 150 parks spanning nearly 3,000 acres invite residents outdoors year-round to play. Soccer fields, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, and lush lawns offer fun with friends and family. Meandering trails through picturesque desert landscapes provide miles of paths for walkers, joggers, cyclists, and skaters to explore.

Red Rock Canyon’s stunning geological wonders sit just next door for hiking, climbing, and wildlife watching. Three pristine golf courses wind through the community, with 24 total to play across Vegas. Community pools and aquatic facilities provide swimming and classes.

And for indoor athletics, fitness centers like CrossFit and yoga studios promote healthy lifestyles through movement. With endless recreational opportunities, Summerlin makes enjoying the fresh air and staying in shape a breeze.

Lifestyle And Culture

As a planned community, Summerlin offers delightful amenities that enhance day-to-day living. You can gather with neighbors at dozens of pocket parks dotting neighborhoods. Kids make new friends through youth theater programs and clubs promoting shared interests like robotics, chess, and art. City-wide events like home tours and farmers’ markets draw crowds, while cultural festivals celebrate diversity with international cuisines, music, and dancing.

The Las Vegas Ballpark provides minor league baseball fans with an affordable evening out amid ballpark fare and spectacular sunset views. Summerlin feels at once relaxed in its residential suburbs yet bustling with energy through ongoing happenings that promote connectedness for transplants and longtime locals alike.

The community spirit fosters fast friendships through casual encounters around town or organized meetups. New movers quickly discover that Summerlin offers much more than house and home – it offers the community.


Moving to a new community brings both excitement and anxiety. Summerlin checks off so many boxes in terms of amenities, education, safety, employment, and recreational offerings that, for many, the rewards of living here far outweigh any drawbacks.

With thoughtful planning and realistic expectations, relocating your life to Summerlin, Nevada, maybe one of the best decisions you ever make. The family-friendly vibe, beautiful landscapes, and nearly endless sunshine beckon you to consider if this delightful suburban oasis could be your next ideal place to call home.

When preparing for a relocation, consider hiring a moving company in Summerlin, Nevada. Several companies in the area provide professional packing, loading, transit, and unloading services. Ensure you choose the right service provider to help reduce the stresses during relocation.

Written By: Georges Benoliel

Georges has been working in Wall Street for the last 16 years trading derivatives with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Georges graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a master in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

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