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Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Connecticut for Young Singles to Rent In

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There are lots of reasons to rent in Connecticut. The state has small towns offering affordable rentals within vibrant, inclusive communities. New York City is nearby for a day tripmansion in connecticut - Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Connecticut or exciting weekend visit whenever you feel in the mood for a bite of the Big Apple. Young singles are increasingly flocking to rent in some of Connecticut’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods to take advantage of the comparatively lower rents, range of easy-to-access amenities, and excellent quality of life.

West Hartford

This vibrant neighborhood in Connecticut has become extremely popular for young single professionals and boasts many great amenities, including plenty of recreational options right on the doorstep. West Hartford is well-known for the laid-back, relaxed lifestyle it offers. There’s lots of green space here, such as the gorgeous Elizabeth Park, comprised of over one hundred acres of formal gardens, including the third largest rose garden in the whole of the USA.

While rent prices may be on the high side in this neighborhood, there are more affordable areas likely to be attractive to young singles. While properties in the northeast of West Hartford are generally the most expensive, more affordable rentals can be found in the southeast.


Young professionals are increasingly seeking rental properties in the town of Darien mainly due to the easy commute to New York City it offers, which is around just an hour away. Unsurprisingly, the town has seen an influx of celeb residents and significant investments over recent years. Crime is low here compared to the national average, and the opportunities for employment and job growth are favorable.

Like West Hartford, Darien is a reasonably expensive town to rent, but more affordable properties can be found in neighborhoods to the northwest.

Cos Cob

Cos Cob could fit the bill perfectly for young singles seeking a quieter neighborhood. A generally liberal-leaning area, its young singles love the many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks scattered throughout the area. The close-knit community here adds to the sense of security, and residents appreciate that everything is within walking distance, from the local post office to the library.

Wherever you rent in Connecticut, don’t forget to arrange renters insurance. This sort of task can be easy to overlook in all the excitement of a move, but it is a vital way to protect your possessions from damage and theft. Renters insurance in Connecticut can also indemnify you regarding costs arising from being required to move out of the property temporarily.


On the north shore of Long Island Sound, Norwalk is a draw for young singles looking to rent a property due to its affordable rental prices. It could be the perfect option for those who work in nearby significant cities but can’t afford inner-city prices. Norwalk’s affordability is reflected in that, unlike many other neighborhoods in Connecticut, this area has a high ratio of renters.

Norwalk is ranked in the top five on the Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Connecticut and the Most Diverse Suburb in Connecticut lists, and residents often comment on its solid sense of community.


Another affordable option, Danbury, located on the Still River, is just seventy miles from New York City, so it offers an easy commute to those who work – but can’t afford to live – in the city. Danbury is a lively, vibrant community with plenty of outdoor activities and great nightlife opportunities.

Good news for young singles thinking about renting in this up-and-community Connecticut town: the overall cost of living is lower than the national average, crime rates are relatively low, and residents’ levels of happiness rank highly here.


One of the smaller cities in Connecticut, Ansonia offers an easy commute to New Haven and has excellent public transport links. Reasonably priced rentals are available for young singles seeking an affordable home with easy access to various amenities. Further, a lot is going on in Ansonia itself, from community events and parades to festivals, and there’s a plethora of laid-back coffee shops and restaurants.

The employment rate in Ansonia is high, which is excellent news for those looking for work close to home, and there are plenty of lovely green spaces to enjoy, both of which point to why the area is becoming so popular with young single renters.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re a young single looking to rent in Connecticut. In that case, there are many up-and-coming neighborhoods to consider, which offer affordable rents, vibrant communities, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the state’s famously beautiful outdoors.

Use the guide above to find your perfect new home in one of Connecticut’s increasingly popular neighborhoods.

Written By: Georges Benoliel

Georges has been working in Wall Street for the last 16 years trading derivatives with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Georges graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a master in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

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