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How To Write An Apartment Address with Clarity in 2023

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It is crucial to ensure that your address is written correctly so that the recipient receives their mail or when you ship a package. Writing an apartment address is trickyHow To Write An Apartment Address with Clarity because a few more steps are involved than mailing something to a house or other building. Let’s dive into how to write an apartment address clearly and precisely. Knowing how to write an apartment address is pivotal to ensuring your mail doesn’t get sent back to you.

Here’s how the USPS expects you to address an envelope. Learn how to write an address with an apartment number.

Include All Necessary Information on the envelope.

The first step in correctly writing the address is to include all the necessary information.

This includes the recipient’s name, street number and name, city/state/zip code, and any additional information required, such as a suite or unit number. This extra information is essential. Without it, your package could end up at the wrong unit, get lost in transit, or even be returned to you due to insufficient address information.

How Do You Write an Apartment Address on an Envelope?

USPS truck delivering mailYou write an apartment address format on three address lines.
  1. On the first line, you’ll write your name.
  2. Then, on the second line, you will write the street address, name, and number, followed by a comma and your apartment number.
  3. Finally, you will put your city, state, and zip code on the bottom line.
NestApple att. Nicole Fishman444 West 19th Street – Suite 304New York, NY -10011The above style is what the USPS considers to be standard.However, many also choose to use the second optional line for their apartments. While this isn’t the correct way to write an apartment address, your mail will still likely get to its destination if you address your envelope like this:NestApple att. Nicole Fishman444 West 19th StreetSuite 304New York, NY -10011

How to Write Apartment Address Abbreviations

Writing an Apartment Address

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Part of writing your apartment address correctly is knowing which word to use for your unit and how to abbreviate it. Some of the most common are apartments, suites, units, and penthouses, and here’s how to shorten them. 
  • Room/Rm: Used to denote a room marked off in an apartment or a room in a hotel or office. 
  • Suite/Ste: Though this is more common among office buildings, it occasionally happens in apartments or “hard lofts.”
  • Apartment/Apt: This is the classic go-to. If you don’t know which abbreviation to use, use this one. 
  • Building/Bldg: This denotes a building. 
  • Unit/Unit: Some buildings call their apartments “units.”
  • Mailbox/Box: If you are assigned a mailbox or use a mailbox number for your mail, you might use the mailbox number instead. 
  • Penthouse/PH: Penthouse typically refers to the top floor(s). 

Be Clear and Concise when Writing an Apartment Address

When writing an apartment address, ensure you are clear and concise when providing the necessary information. Therefore, don’t abbreviate street names or misspell words. This could lead to your package being misdelivered or, worse yet, never arriving at its intended destination.

If you are unsure how a particular word should be spelled, consult a dictionary for the correct spelling before writing out the address on your package. It’s also essential to use proper punctuation since this can help ensure delivery service accuracy.

What Happens if You Don’t Put the Apartment Number on the Envelope?

In many cases, not entering your apartment number will result in your package or envelope being returned to the sender. This cannot be good, depending on what you want to receive. For this purpose, put a return address on the back of the envelope.

Sometimes, this might result in a package being received by a doorman or a community mailbox. However, this only happens in a handful of cases, and it’s never guaranteed. To prevent any mishaps or confusion, always write the complete address.

Double-Check Your Work after Writing an Apartment Address

The last step is double-checking your work before sending off your package.

Ensure all the information provided is correct—including special instructions such as “drop off only” or “do not deliver after 5 pm”. This way, you avoid confusion once your package has been picked up by its intended recipient. Additionally, if possible, it would also be helpful to include contact details outside of your box so that someone can easily reach out for assistance if there are any delivery issues.

Good luck!

An accurate apartment address is necessary when sending packages or letters to your intended recipient. These simple steps can help ensure your package arrives with no issues and on time! These tips apply to shipping labels and whether you go to the post office or schedule a pickup.

Thank you for reading! Good luck and happy mailing!

Written By: Nicole Benoliel

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