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5 Ways Faxing Online Can Benefit Realtors

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With the rise in digitization, innovators are developing many technologies to assist businesses in operations. One such innovation includes online faxing. Many companies utilize free Fax online because of its impact on the real estate sector, specifically the realtor business. Read on to find out more about its benefits.

  1. Online Faxing Enabling Remote Working

Most realtors work in the field, going house to house, seeing client after client, and holding several meetings.

5 Ways Online Faxing Can Benefit Realtors

Realtors need to process many documents involved with all these activities. Without an online faxing system to send and receive faxes, the realtor has to allocate a section of their day to return to the office and do the paperwork. Each realtor can send faxes by email but also receive incoming documents.

However, by investing in online faxing, the realtor can process documents on the go and send a fax online with MyFax and similar options to the relevant recipients from their mobile phones.

Forget your old fax machines. Think online fax service with cloud storage solutions and digital signatures. The realtor can use free faxing to circulate client information and completed documents. They can get a free fax number.Free Fax online (free account) can be vital in passing legally binding contracts via electronic signatures.

This eliminates the need to pile up work and sit in the office until the end of the day to send them. An online faxing system will bring a lot of convenience for realtors and increase their productivity levels.

  1. Online Faxing Providing A Storage System

As stated earlier, a realtor handles many documents which contain vital information. Hence, disposal is out of the question as a need for documentation might arise in the future. Without a smart system, most realtors will utilize physical storage areas.

These consume many resources for their maintenance and the space they occupy.

A cloud-based online fax system will allow a realtor to store all documents on its platform and back them up on the cloud. The cloud offers unlimited storage space; therefore, you don’t need to worry about space availability as a realtor.

The online fax system also allows you to quickly retrieve documents when you need them through a search engine. You don’t need to review thousands of records to find what you need.

  1. Expanding Client List

The real estate business is broad, with some clients wanting to venture into international markets. Having international clients might be a challenge, mainly with limited resources.

However, online faxing can change the game for realtors. If you’re interested in offering your services in a foreign country, you must register an

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online fax phone number that aligns with the code of the said country. Thus, clients from foreign countries can reach you through this fax number.

With the possibility of all documentation being done online, including signage, distance isn’t a hindrance for you to close international deals. Along this journey, you might only have to make one trip to view a property which you can do in a day or two.

This will expand your client base and portfolio, accelerating your career in general and developing your network.

  1. Enhancing Security

Security is vital since you handle sensitive data on various clients as a realtor. A breach of this information could lead to many losses, including client lawsuits. When utilizing a traditional faxing system, data is susceptible to breach. For instance,  a mere passerby in your office can view the faxed data on the machine.

The narrative changes. Realtors use an online fax system, as you can easily restrict access to documents by setting up passwords.

Here, you can utilize password management tools to ensure you set up strong passwords for sensitive data.

Using online international Fax allows for end-to-end encryption, where no other party will see the Fax being set apart from the sender and recipient. This takes client confidentiality to a new level.

  1. Allowing Digital Signage

Signing documents mark the last procedure for realtors closing a house sale. In some situations, this process can take a long time, especially if the parties involved are far from each other. Hence, you can send the documents physically, which might tamper with privacy, or one of the parties could rearrange their schedule to meet with the other party.

However, the electronic signage features of online faxing make this process much more manageable. With this system, you can quickly sign a contract without printing it and send the document to the client, who’ll also sign electronically and fax back the papers.

Therefore, the closure process ends within no time, without any party needing to go to the other physically.

Conclusion about Online Faxing

As discussed above, online faxing has excellent potential in the real estate business.

It might be the big break that realtors need to grow their industry and increase sales and turnover rates. Therefore, you must weigh your options and decide whether to adopt online faxing as a realtor.

Written By: Georges Benoliel

Georges has been working in Wall Street for the last 16 years trading derivatives with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Georges graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a master in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

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