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Promising projects for investors, or an ambitious boom in the Phuket real estate market in 2023

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The year 2023 is marked by a big boom in the construction of new real estate in Thailand, including Phuket. This means you will find the most amazing and cozy housing optionsPhuket real estate market in this paradise, where you can enjoy life among the endless beaches and warm sea, stunning nature, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Phuket and its regions offer you the choice of the most sought-after housing projects. Read the article and pick up the best ones.

Bang Tao: profitable villas in 2023 Phuket real estate market

Most villa projects have been launched in Bang Tao. Let’s take a look at the developers’ proposals.

Ozone Luxury Villas is a project from Ozone Group for ten villas just 2 km from the beach in a village with a clubhouse and developed infrastructure. Prices started from 50,405,000 baht for a five-bedroom house with an area of 525 sq. m.

In addition, The Ozone Group has launched two new phases of The Ozone Residences project in the same location. Prices for a 3-bedroom house start from 27,735,500 baht. Phase three, four, and Grand Residences are put up for sale. Moreover, a promotional offer is phase 4 at a price of 25.5 million baht for a furnished three-bedroom villa.

Andaman Asset Company has launched several projects at once, which can be successful for investors.

These are Trinity Prime 1 and Trinity Village, which are still on sale. Pre-sale prices for 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom villas started from 32.6 million baht.

QAV Residence launched recently and includes the residential part, hotel, and sports. This complex has a wellness center on three floors and six tennis courts. The developer wants to build a village focused on a healthy lifestyle. The residential part includes houses that will be built after making a contract payment within 12 months. Tennis courts are promised to be built by the end of this year, but a three-story health center — by the end of 2025.

Sunrise Garden and Sunrise Palms were announced and sold out very quickly.

These are the projects of SKHAI. The approach is extremely flexible: the company sells plots where you can order a villa with the number of bedrooms you need. These projects are based on the principle of the designer. This means you can purchase a property at the base price and select all additional items separately.

The Clover Residence is one of the latest projects. It is one of the most promising and sought-after projects in the Phuket real estate market. This residential community is located near the international Head Start school. This place is perfect, and you can use the school infrastructure. Moreover, you can get an annual membership in the Blue Tree.

Prime Pano is an interesting project with 58 four-story houses and state-of-the-art infrastructure. There will be:

a cafe,

a clubhouse, 

a children’s playground, 

A fitness center

a spa and other pleasant amenities.

Orchard Villas is a unique village of only five villas with 2-4 bedrooms. Initially, the prices were from 9.9 million baht for a two-bedroom house. They grew quickly, but all the villas were sold out except for the largest one. The $24.5 million price tag for a 4-bedroom house with two floors seems reasonable after exploring other projects in the area.

Above Element is a project of 14 villas from a well-established developer in Phuket.

Prices for a three-bedroom house are above 30 million baht. The complex will have apartments and a clubhouse with all the necessary amenities. There will be a fitness center, a swimming pool, a reception, and well-maintained public spaces.

Garden Atlas is a very beautiful design project. For example, a 4-bedroom house costs 40 million baht. This two-story building will have:

A gazebo on the roof, 

A spacious pool, 

a well-maintained garden and other modern amenities.

Ansaya Phuket is one of the most amazing designer projects in the Phuket real estate market in 2023. It is based on Thai traditional architecture. The lowest price was 19.6 million baht for a three-bedroom villa.

Kokomo Beach House is a single three-story villa with four bedrooms on the shore of Bang Tao. It occupies 840 sq. m. Judging by the renderings, this is a house for parties, festivities, and a fun life right by the ocean. There are two spacious pools. This beachfront house, put up for sale for 125 million baht, will appeal to every investor who dares to buy it.

Bang Tao: beneficial apartment buildings for investors in Phuket real estate market

Residential projects on Bang Tao are much smaller than villas. They have a better location than private houses. The apartments will suit you if you want to buy a property closer to the beach and shopping malls.

The Ozone Laguna Condominium offers condos, cozy residences, and studios. For example, you can purchase a 42 sq. m studio at a discounted price, with free furniture. The price was 4.1 million at the pre-sale stage — 100,000 baht per square meter. Currently, the lowest price is valid during the promotion — 5.5 million baht for the same area.

Sky Park Celeste offers apartments in the fourth and fifth buildings. The first three were sold out quickly. There are several housing options available for selling and leasing. Therefore, investors can turn their attention to this promising project. Its location is superb — the beach is within walking distance.

If you look back to 2019, you can buy a studio in Skypark for less than 3 million baht and sell it now with an income of 50 to 100%. In the same year, at the beginning of the sale, it was possible to purchase the same studio for 4.5 million baht. This year, it is put up for sale for 4.9 million, which is also not bad.

Laguna Seaside was launched after the successful Beachside project. The complex is located near the sea. At the start of sales, prices were above 9 million for a 60 sq. m studio. There are both 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments at prices similar to villas — under 25 and over 30 million at the project’s launch. But if you compare them with villas, houses will cost more in the same good location.

Banyan Tree Grand Residences — Seaview Residences and Beach Terraces Villas are located on the coast of Bang Tao. All residences are three-bedroom. Their area is 213 sq.m., and the cost is 82.2 million baht.

Bellevue Lagoon is a new project in a good location from a brand-new developer in the Thai market. The price was 3,784,000 baht for a 34 sq. m studio. Now, the cheapest offer is 4,587,000 baht. The complex is sold out by 40%.

Laguna Lakeside is the newest complex from the Lagoon. It is located in a favorable place next to the beach and shops. Initially, the price was 5,380,000 baht for a 35 sq. m residence. Now it is 6,760,000 baht.

You can buy a Seaview property in Phuket with an expert.

As you can see, the choice is rich. Brand-new residential complexes with profitable condominiums, apartments, studios, and residences are available for purchase, as well as beneficial communities with villas with developed infrastructure. The Phuket real estate market is full of new offers and varieties. This is not the end of a successful story; on the contrary, it is only gaining momentum. It will continue to develop in 2024, which indicates its ambitious plans for investors. Moreover, the official Thailand-Real.The estate website contains the latest and in-demand new housing offers, a wide range of hot ads from developers and real estate agencies, a pleasant pricing policy, expert assistance in housing selection, and much more.

Written By: Georges Benoliel

Georges has been working in Wall Street for the last 16 years trading derivatives with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Georges graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a master in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

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