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How to Properly Describe Your Property for Sale?

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Composing a winning real estate listing description of your property is one of the critical factors for a successful home sale. But how to write it in the most top-notch and attractive way? In this post, you will find the most effective prompts for creating an excellent property description for sale. Here is our 2023 guide on describing your property to maximize a deal, whether you sell “for sale by owner” or work with a real estate agent. This description should end up on the multiple listing service and various consumer real estate websites.

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Before You Start Writing

Real estate remains one of the most popular areas of study for many students. As a rule, they have numerous academic assignments for creating high-quality descriptions for various property types. If you are one of those learners who face some difficulties with writing, consider exploring to find the most detailed information about the top academic writing services online.

If you choose a trustworthy site that provides academic assistance, you will get your brilliant property for sale description right when needed. For these purposes, it might be good to read and other fresh reviews shared by other students.

If you want to create a creative real estate listing or plan to sell your house, discover the top tips below.

Pay Attention To Photos

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Having professionally looking and quality pictures will help you sell your property faster. Your potential customers shouldn’t have many questions after looking at your house or apartment photos.

Adding photos of all rooms and other spaces of your property is crucial. The most common mistake of many people when describing a home is a failure to take photos from various angles and post pictures of all rooms. Even if some spaces don’t have an excellent look or require serious repair, they must be shared with potential customers.

Focus on the most beautiful parts of your house or apartment. For example, you have a fully renovated and modern kitchen. Add more photos of this space from different corners to your description for potential buyers.

Add More Benefits when You Describe Your Property.

Don’t hesitate to add more benefits to your description. You can divide those advantages into two big blocks. These are internal and external features and amenities. The interior amenities can be as follows:

  • Bonus room
  • Spacy family room
  • Chef’s kitchen
  • Fenced-in backyard
  • A special place for the home office with brick walls
  • Corner lot
  • Curb appeal
  • The interior designer renovated the living room

As for the external features, you can include the following options:

  • Proximity to supermarkets and restaurants
  • Safe streets
  • Walking distance to a park
  • Access to public transport
  • Good schools nearby

Think about even more advantages of your property. The more points you include in your description, the more chances you have to sell it fast. Feel free to ask the management company for help. For further information, please learn more here.

When you Describe Your Property, Pay Attention to Tone and Formatting.

Using cliches and jargon in your description might provide a negative impression on readers. Too long and wordy sentences don’t look good, either. Your potential customers might not be familiar with some standard abbreviations, so avoid them.

As for the formatting, using bold, italics, and uncommon fonts is unacceptable by most real estate websites. Your description might not even be posted because of using too many capital letters and odd fonts.

Make sure to use paragraphs that logically divide your description into several parts. This approach will make it look more user-friendly and readable, and no one likes to read plain text without paragraphs.

Compose An Engaging Heading

The most important feature of a heading is being short and descriptive. As a rule, it should be focused on the location of the house or apartment. You can also mention the location in your areabroker in nyc-description a home to give a potential customer a clear idea of where your property is situated. It is also great to drop a word about unique features. For example, the home features:

  • Stunning craftsman home in red-hot Silverton
  • Loft-style apartment near the Estes Park
  • Condo with private roof and city view in Lakewood

Arrange A Description Logically

Your description shouldn’t look like a bunch of adjectives like “fantastic,” “modern,” and “stunning.”

First, you can use not so widely used words in your post.

Second, organize your description logically. A logical fact to another or paying too much attention to only one feature. The solution is maintaining the reader’s interest by placing one fact after another, pointing to a proper structure, and describing only essential details.

An addition that is worth your attention is composing photos and descriptions in matching order.

All in all, creating an astonishing and customer-oriented description is not an easy task. You must use proper voice, tone, and formatting and arrange your description logically. Don’t forget to upload fresh and quality photos and highlight all your house or apartment’s internal and external benefits. Following all these rules will help you attract more potential customers to your property. Work with an agent who will help you through the process.

Written By: Georges Benoliel

Georges has been working in Wall Street for the last 16 years trading derivatives with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Georges graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a master in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

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