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Closing Costs NYC: Condo vs Co-op Guide for 2024

Despite paying sky-high prices for apartments in New York City, some NYC buyers may not realize there are additional closing costs they haven’t considered. These extra costs can add up, especially for condos. This article will compare the closing costs… Read More

Required Lease Disclosure Forms for NYC Residential Landlords

Residential landlords in NYC must include several mandatory disclosure forms when presenting tenants with a lease. These required disclosure forms pertain to lead-based paint, window guards, sprinkler systems, bedbug infestation history, flood history, indoor allergen hazards, gas leaks, smoke detectors,… Read More

What is a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy in NYC?

When constructing a new high-rise condo in New York City, developers aim to obtain a certificate of occupancy from the NYC Department of Buildings. This document verifies that the essential infrastructure is functioning correctly. Obtaining a certificate of occupancy, commonly… Read More

What is a Certificate of Occupancy? When do you need it?

A Certificate of Occupancy, often abbreviated as C of O or CO, is a real estate document the Department of Buildings uses to indicate a building’s legal use and the type of permitted occupancy. For example, a CO will state… Read More

Flex Wall Installation and Price Guide in New York

A flex wall, a temporary wall, can be a great way to partition your apartment. They aren’t very expensive, but they can be tricky to install, as you do need landlord approval to put one up. Recent college graduates, young… Read More

From Stress to Success: Transforming Your Rental Business with Innovative Ideas

Navigating the challenges of the rental market is not a simple task. Rather, it demands innovation and adaptability. Transforming your rental business with innovative ideas involves many things, from expanding your portfolio to leveraging technology, and the list is endless.… Read More