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Best Ways to Kill Spiders

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Arachnophobia is among the most common human fears. Spiders spin their webs any place they dare, including inside yourkill spiders home. There is little worse than waking up to find a spider nearby or coming upon one in a crawl space. If you and your home have an issue with a spider infestation, refer to these tips to reclaim your home. This post will discuss the best way to kill spiders in your home without touching them!

Remember, though, that prevention is the best way to eliminate any pest. Keep spiders from entering your home by identifying cracks in floorboards, doors that do not seal, and windows with broken screens. Seal these areas to make getting inside more difficult for your would-be arachnid roommates.

Check outside your house as well. Look for rocks, wood, compost piles, or anything that might appeal to an arthropod. Remove clutter from your shed, garage, and crawl spaces. If you have a garden, they are likely to relocate to it.

This is good news, and Spiders are excellent at keeping harmful insects away from your greenery.

Best Way to Kill Spiders: Vacuum Them

The next thing to do is make your home less inviting to these eight-legged arthropods. Vacuum your home thoroughly and regularly. This removes webs, egg sacs, as well as spiders themselves. No spider will survive the trip up a vacuum cleaner.

Their bodies are too fragile. Spiders love dark hidden places, so give them fewer opportunities to hide. The less clutter in your home, the fewer places a spider can conceal.

Starve Them

Another great way to get rid of spiders is to eliminate their food supply. Spiders eat other bugs. Take the time to eliminate different pests before zeroing in on the arachnid population. If you have ants, spray a solution of vinegar and water where they travel.

This will destroy their pheromone trail preventing spiders from communicating with one another. The spider will likely have to relocate if you can stop the food from getting into the web.

Additionally, if you have outdoor lights that attract insects, those insects will likely attract spiders. Consider changing how you light your outdoors. Fewer lights mean fewer bugs that are attracted to light. Most home improvement stores also sell amber-hued lights that provide enough light to see but do not attract unwanted creepy crawlies.

Lay Traps

If you have tried the above tips and are still finding eight-legged creatures in your home, consider using traps. Those traps work, and spider traps usually emit a smell that is pleasant to spiders but unpleasant to most other creatures.

Although this method is more difficult to use against spiders than ants and other creatures that move together, it can still be effective. We recommend putting those traps close to doors and windows.

Locate the usual hiding spots in your home that spiders can use. These include corners, the underside of your furniture, and especially basements and attics. Lay traps in these areas to catch these persistent arachnids. Then, do not forget to check and dispose of these traps when you are finished.

Best Ways to Kill Spiders permanently: Call a Professional

If you have tried all the above and still have no luck, it is probably time to call in a New York pest professional. You may feel compelled to purchase insecticide and use it yourself, but this job is usually best left to a pro.

There are also several treatments a professional service can offer. They can place residual insecticide in places where spiders like to hide and breed, such as corners, basements, and crawl spaces. They can also offer barrier treatments.

This is a process in which a chemical repellent is sprayed outside your home. This deters spiders from finding their way inside in the first place.

Squish Them

If you are not dealing with an all-out infestation, then killing them as you find them is plenty adequate. You do not always need a great new way to eliminate them. Most of the time, the bottom of your shoe or a rolled-up newspaper will do the trick.

If you do not want to smear the spider on the floor or wall, or you are opposed to killing living things, catch the spider. It is easier than you think to catch the spider; contain it in a jar and slip a piece of paper over the opening.

Then take it outside and release it wherever you see fit. Remember, spiders in your garden can be a massive help to you. If you are a pacifist, repel spiders using peppermint oil or essential oil in spray bottles, and this is a subtle but efficient pest control to avoid spider bites.

Spiders are the stuff of nightmares, and few people enjoy finding them indoors. When trying to rid your home of them, the best thing you can do is to make your place uninviting. Chemical treatments are usually ineffective against spiders, but you can make them with some care and cleaning, so they will not want to return.

Written By: Georges Benoliel

Georges has been working in Wall Street for the last 16 years trading derivatives with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Georges graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a master in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

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