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Is Elmhurst A Good Place To Live?

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Elmhurst, Illinois, is a vibrant suburb of Chicago. It offers a blend of urban and suburban lifestyles, making it potentially ideal for families, young professionals, and retirees alike. Situated conveniently with access to major transportation routes, Elmhurst attracts those who appreciate a quieter living environment with the benefits of city amenities close at hand. The city’s population, approximately 46,000, enjoys a high level of education, with a significant percentage holding bachelor’s and advanced degrees, reflecting the community’s focus on quality education and professional development.

Geographic and Demographic Overview

Elmhurst, Illinois, is located in both DuPage and Cook counties. It offers a unique blend of geographic and demographic characteristics that contribute to its residential area appeal.elmhurst Geographically, Elmhurst covers a total area of 10.28 square miles. Most of the area is land, demonstrating its substantial urban spread without significant water bodies. 

The city’s proximity to major urban centers like Chicago enhances its connectivity and accessibility, making it attractive to residents who prefer suburban living with easy access to metropolitan amenities. Demographically, Elmhurst had a population of approximately 45,272 as of the 2022 estimates, showing a slight decrease over recent years. 

The community boasts a high educational attainment level, with 63.6% of adults holding a bachelor’s degree or higher, significantly above the national average. This educational environment is supported by a relatively affluent community, with a median household income considerably higher than state and national figures. 

The racial composition is predominantly White. However, the city also includes a diverse mix of Asian, Hispanic, and other racial groups, contributing to a rich cultural fabric.  The city’s residents enjoy a high quality of life, with low poverty rates and most living in owner-occupied homes, reflecting a stable and prosperous community.

Economic Factors

Elmhurst, Illinois, stands out as a beacon of economic development within DuPage County, mainly due to its strategic location just sixteen miles west of Chicago and close to major transportation hubs like O’Hare and Midway Airports. 

This proximity to Chicago provides businesses in Elmhurst with significant logistical advantages, enabling easy access to a large metropolitan market. The city has invested heavily in economic development, with over $154 million spent since 2015, fostering a conducive environment for new and existing businesses. 

Various business incentives, such as TIF Districts and facade grants, have supported these investments and have been instrumental in attracting and retaining businesses. Moreover, Elmhurst offers a robust local economy complemented by a relatively high cost of living compared to the national average, with particular emphasis on healthcare and housing costs. 

This economic vibrancy is matched by the city’s demographic appeal, which includes a well-educated workforce; more than 63.6% of adults in Elmhurst hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Numerous business districts and a dynamic Chamber of Commerce further enrich the city’s economic landscape, making it an attractive location for various business sectors.

Housing and Real Estate in Elmhurst

The housing and real estate market in Elmhurst, Illinois, presents a diverse range of properties, reflecting its status as a desirable suburb within the Chicago metropolitan area. As of recent listings, homes in Elmhurst range in price and style, from classic bungalows to expansive new constructions. 

For instance, median listing prices in the area are notably high, reflecting the city’s appeal. Homes like a five-bedroom expanded Tudor in the heart of Elmhurst, listed at around $1,299,000, showcase luxury finishes and spacious living areas.

Real estate in Elmhurst also caters to various family sizes and budgets, with properties ranging from smaller, affordable homes to larger, more luxurious ones. 

For example, a relatively modest three-bedroom home can be found listed at prices like $589,900. It indicates a solid market for mid-sized homes suitable for growing families or professionals seeking more space. 

Overall, the real estate market in Elmhurst is vibrant and offers ample opportunities for potential homeowners, from first-time buyers to those looking to invest in more significant, premium properties.

Elmhurst Education System

The education system in Elmhurst, Illinois, is highly regarded for its strong performance and comprehensive curriculum. Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 manages a range of educational institutions, from early childhood centers to high schools, all dedicated to providing a nurturing and challenging learning environment. 

For instance, York Community High School and several elementary and middle schools, like Fischer and Bryan Middle School, form the backbone of this educational district, each contributing to the district’s goal of fostering continuous learning and responsible citizenship among students.

Elmhurst University complements the local public education system by offering various undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare students for successful careers in education, health care, business, and technology. 

The university is particularly noted for its inclusive educational programs, such as the Elmhurst Learning and Success Academy (ELSA), designed for young adults with differing abilities and focuses on life skills and independent living strategies.

The university is particularly noted for its campus security and inclusive educational programs, such as the Elmhurst Learning and Success Academy (ELSA), designed for young adults with differing abilities and focuses on life skills and independent living strategies.

Furthermore, the university provides advanced degree programs and certifications aligned with current professional demands, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the job market.

Safety and Crime Rates in Elmhurst

Elmhurst, Illinois, boasts a notably low crime rate, making it one of the safer communities in the country. The overall crime rate in Elmhurst is significantly lower than the national average, with violent crimes sporadic. 

For instance, the chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Elmhurst is approximately one in 1741, reflecting a rate well below that of many other cities of similar size. The property crime rate is also lower than average, with the chance of becoming a victim around one in 423. This safety is reflected in comparative data, where Elmhurst ranks better than 72% of cities in the United States in terms of safety. 

This relative safety is supported by Elmhurst’s measures and effective local law enforcement. Despite its overall low crime rates, like any city, Elmhurst has areas with varying safety levels, and minor fluctuations in crime rates occur from year to year. Nevertheless, maintaining a safe environment makes it attractive for families and businesses.

Transportation and Accessibility

Elmhurst, Illinois, offers a well-rounded transportation network that enhances its accessibility and caters to the diverse needs of its residents and visitors. The Metra rail system, specifically the Union Pacific West Line, serves the city. This line connects Elmhurst to downtown Chicago and other suburban areas, making it convenient for commuters. 

The station at Elmhurst has ample parking and is accessible, catering to all individuals, including those with disabilities. Additionally, Elmhurst promotes alternative transport options such as the Explore Elmhurst Express Trolley. This service enhances the city’s accessibility and provides a unique way to explore the area.

It operates seasonally, offering free rides around crucial city locations. This supports local tourism and provides residents a convenient option for navigating the city during events and peak leisure times. 

Elmhurst aims to provide diverse transportation services that support a dynamic and accessible community environment.


In summary, Elmhurst, Illinois, offers a remarkable blend of high-quality education, robust safety, strong economic growth, and an energetic community life, making it an appealing place to live for many.

Whether you seek a safe, family-friendly neighborhood or a dynamic suburban community with the amenities of urban life, Elmhurst will likely meet your expectations and provide a balanced and fulfilling living experience. 

Thus, the answer is yes for those wondering if Elmhurst is a good place to live, making it an excellent choice for potential homeowners and renters. 

If you are considering a move to Elmhurst, it’s wise to hire a reputable moving company Elmhurst that can guide you through the transition to this vibrant city, ensuring a smooth and well-organized move.

Written By: Georges Benoliel

Georges has been working in Wall Street for the last 16 years trading derivatives with hedge funds. He has been an active real estate investor for over a decade. Georges graduated from HEC Business School in Paris and holds a master in Finance from ESADE Barcelona.

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