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Featuring real estate articles and information to help real estate buyers and sellers. The Nest features writings from Georges Benoliel and other real estate professionals. Georges is the Co-Founder of NestApple and has been working as an active real estate investor for over a decade.

What Are Co-Ops Allowed To Reject Applicants For?

Co-ops are notoriously picky with their clients and renters. Getting accepted into a co-op in New York City is a significant status symbol. Even celebrities have been turned away from membership in these exclusive elite circles. It’s almost a trope… Read More

10 Reasons To Move To Greenwich, CT in 2023

When it comes to picking a new place to move to, there are a lot of factors that come into play. One’s lifestyle, the local social scene, school systems, and more can all contribute to their final decision. New Yorkers… Read More

2022 NestApple Guide to NYC Buyer Closing Costs

When you thought buying an apartment in NYC couldn’t get any more complicated or costly, you start to think about closing costs. The sheer number and size of a buyer’s closing fees in NYC can be overwhelming and, at worst,… Read More

What Is The Difference Between A Condo And An Apartment In NYC?

An apartment is a general term for a separate residence within a larger building. Getting your place to live will always be a hassle; part is learning the difference between your options. In the magical land known as New York… Read More

What Does BOM (Back On Market) Mean In Real Estate?

The world of real estate is tumultuous, even when everything seems like it should go well. Professionals invent terms to help people get the general gist of a property’s situation. What is the “BOM” meaning real estate? In New York… Read More

8 Reasons Why You Need to Rent a Dumpster

There are many reasons why you might need to rent a dumpster. Maybe you’re cleaning out your basement and have a lot of old furniture and appliances to get rid of. Or perhaps you’re remodeling your kitchen and must remove… Read More