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What is an Aztech Recognition Agreement?

If you have been involved in a coop deal in New York with a mortgage, you must have heard of the Aztech Recognition Agreement (or Aztec form). Any buyer who applies for a co-op apartment with a mortgage is introduced… Read More

“Deadlines Within Deadlines”: Coop. Board Packages in New York & Commitment Letters

Deadlines in real estate transactions in New York City: A buyer (for purposes of this article, let’s call her Sally Streetwise) works with her broker to find a property she loves in a beautiful cooperative. The brokers work with the buyer and the seller… Read More

Getting a mortgage “pre-approval letter”

One of the first things a serious buyer must do once they’ve decided to begin the process of buying a home is to get pre-approved. Being pre-approved by a lender is an easy ordeal. The lender you chose for this does not… Read More