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Our Social Mission

NestApple is joining The South Bronx Educational Foundation to foster the development of young kids in the Bronx. Every time you work with NestApple to buy, sell or rent an apartment, we’ll make a donation to finance a mentoring program for a kid. We believe in corporate responsibility of entrepreneurs and that businesses should play a role in social innovation and engage the local community. Our partnership with SBEF allows our staff to commit to helping neighborhoods where we live, work and close deals. We think it’s not only about the “bottom line”, we want our business model to have a social impact where our employees and customers operate. Ultimately, we can’t grow our business without incorporating a social mission and a corporate social responsibility.

The South Bronx Educational Foundation

SBEF’s mission is to foster the development of young people so that they may go on to lead productive lives and build healthy families. The SBEF offers programs in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere that promote intellectual, cultural and moral growth of youth. The SBEF strives to instill in them strong character, a positive vision of the future, and the necessary skills to achieve their goals.