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Five Steps to Navigate Getting Your First Investment Property

Buying your first investment property is a significant commitment. Not only must you know what to look for, but you also need to know how much you can charge for rent and spend on expenses. But with preparation and proper management, it can be a stepping stone to even bigger things. What to Look For […]


Real estate investing can feel like a dream sometimes. Your property is appreciating, you claim depreciation on your income taxes. They’re cash-flowing, and providing extra income for your family. What investors can be surprised to hear are the taxes they’ll owe when they sell. With regular investments like stocks and bonds, you pay capital gains. […]

Is that legal for the seller of an apartment to accept another offer and send a contract while negotiating a deal

Is that legal for the seller of an apartment to accept another offer while that apartment is under contract? It is not about being legal or illegal: it is just meaningless. An apartment seller cannot accept another offer if the listing is “in-contract.” A home is “in-contract” after the contract has been signed by the […]

Tips for Keeping Your House Cool During Summer

Summertime is already here and while it brings us many exciting opportunities for adventure, it does bring in one discomfort- the extreme summer heat. We’re not looking forward to facing that when we’re just sulking around the house either. Now, your option here would be to crank up your AC till it gets as cold […]

Garden Planting: What Are The Benefits?

Garden Planting: What Are The Benefits? A garden right in front of our home, with beautiful flowers blooming, is a sight that all of us want to enjoy. In fact, this is the very reason why when buying a house we check if there is enough space for us to plant a garden. Not only […]

Smaller Home, Less Worry, But Lots of Work to Get There

Whether you are moving to a small single-family home or getting ready to enter an assisted living center, there are many things to consider before you start the downsizing process. From deciding which of your personal belongings to get rid of to finding the right home for your budget and lifestyle, you have your work […]

Breaking down the NEW MANSION TAXES

It all started a couple of months ago with the record sale of the penthouse at 220 Central Park South. Costly real estate deals are nothing new in NYC but this one woke up a behind-the -scenes discussion that had been happening for a while. Just to give you an idea, this purchase not only […]

TRUE STORY: Broker did not reflect a $5 MILLION DOLLAR OFFER!

Ever since Nestapple was created I’ve been repeatedly told; “I don’t like dealing with brokers”, “I’ve had a bad experience with a broker before“, “All brokers are the same” and so on. I’ve heard it all. My answer has been consistent: there are good and bad brokers like in every profession; our issue is not […]

Hudson Yards: do we really understand what is being built here?

For those of us living in the west side we have witnessed fist hand the massive construction around Hudson Yards. For those of you who don’t go above 23rd Street or have been meditating in India for the past 2 years, Hudson Yards will be largest private real estate development in the United States (and the most expensive ever […]