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Let us know you’re looking to purchase a home. We will help you find properties meeting your criteria. If you are still looking for your dream pad, list NestApple as your broker. Sellers’ brokers will contact us saving you time and energy. Once you find “the one”, let us know!

Buy with NestApple

Let NestApple place an offer for you. Our team of licensed brokers will help you negotiate and manage the process.

Professional representation to negotiate with credibility,
assistance with board approval, mortgage process and closing.

Get paid by NestApple

As your buyer agent, NestApple will get paid (by the seller) a typical 3% fee at closing and will pay up to 2% back to you. We keep 1%

Up to 2% of purchase price saved
100% legal and encouraged by the Attorney General
100% tax-free as not considered as taxable income by the IRS

How it works

Typical agent refund: $0

Average NestApple Refund: $22,000

When you work with NestApple, we pay you two thirds of the buyer agent’s commission (paid by the seller) and keep a minimum of 1%. We do not get paid unless you close on your home. Instead of sharing our commission with big brokerage firms, we share it with you.