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Condo vs co-op: what to buy?

Real estate 101: before buying or renting in NY you need to master these concepts: What is a co-op? When you buy a co-op, you don’t actually own your specific unit. Instead, you own shares of a co-op corporation that owns the building. The larger your apartment, the more shares you own within the corporation. Monthly maintenance […]

Looking for a NYC rental this season?

NestApple is here to guide you! It has been a not-too-cold-but-nevertheless-too-long winter in NY and we are all ready for some sunshine! For those of us living in the city during the summer, NY transforms itself into this outdoor garden filled with al fresco activities, park movie nights, pop up stores and peculiar smells. However […]

Why are NYC real estate fees so high? Thoughts from a Frenchman

When I place an order to buy Microsoft stocks, I am being charged $4.95; when I shop for a hotel, an insurance or a plane ticket, I can choose and compare between thousands of options and with Amazon Prime, I no longer pay for shipping. The internet has reduced inefficient middlemen in most industries; why haven’t real […]