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The final “walk through”: what to look for?

You finally made it: closing day is around the corner and you are hours away from getting the keys to your new place. One of the last steps of the purchase process is the final walk through. The walk through is the final inspection before changing ownership. It is never a good idea to blow off the final walk-through. […]

How to win a bidding war in New York City

NYC real estate market is one of the most competitive in the world for home buyers. You think you have found your dream home on StreetEasy and you went to the open house to be informed that you are in competition with 3 other potential buyers. Do not worry, NestApple is here to help! We are giving you strategies that […]

Buying New Development Apartment In NYC

New development apartments can be challenging for buyers. Everything is brand new and they often include luxury amenities you can’t find in older buildings. But buying new development comes with key differences and increased costs compared to a normal “resale” transaction. What is new development in NYC? Why does it matter if a property is […]

REBNY rules on buyer representation in New York City

Is a buyer always entitled to be represented in a transaction?​​ Yes, the New York State Department of State (“DOS”) has consistently stated that a buyer​​ always has a right to be represented in a real estate transaction and the listing broker must always honor this right. The DOS has stated that “any such denial will […]

8 Essential Tips for Buying a Home in NYC

Get Pre-approved Find a Great NYC Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Condo or Coop? Have an Attorney Ready Begin Your Search Don’t Reach out Directly to Listing Agents What Happens If I Reach out to a Listing Agent Directly? Who’s the Listing Agent for a Property? Depending on the price range you are looking for, you […]

Why selling FSBO is a mistake: 10 reasons

Did you know you can legally sell your home WITHOUT a broker and list it yourself on StreetEasy, Facebook, or Zillow? So why not do it and save 1.5-3% in potential commissions? It doesn’t seem that hard, right? Take some nice pictures with your iphone, post them online and buyers will come running with offers.   This trend […]

Doorman building: expense or necessity?

New York City Buildings are iconic; they range of ultra luxurious to rat nests and everything in between. When looking to buy or rent there are several amenities and requirements that should be analyzed. Budget and personal preferences are going to determine how many boxes you check when it comes to building amenities. When buying […]

How to pass a coop board interview in NYC?

Let’s face it, coop board interviews are stressful and intrusive. However, they exist for a reason. They exist, so that the current residents of a building, can decide collectively if applicants to buy or rent an apartment in their building, have strong financials and a stable career and personality. How does the process work? Once the […]